3 Event Must Haves

Oct 24, 2019

Do you ever find yourself pouring your all into the event planning process just for it to fall short of your expectations? Activating events that become experiences is what we are all searching for. But it’s not easy. At Elevate, we have the privilege of partnering with a diverse group of companies, foundations, and people to activate their dream events. We are continually learning and growing in the world of events, but here are our 3 musts when it comes to elevating any event!

1. Music and Entertainment

Any dull or quiet moment can easily be transformed with engaging music or entertainment. We can all be easily transported back to a moment where the perfect song or performance broke a moment of awkward silence or low energy. A simple tool like putting on the right tune can transform a moment at an event into an experience that is sure to leave its mark. 

We couldn’t do what we do at Elevate without our talented emcees, entertainers, and deejays. They bring their A-Game to the table to bring events to a new, elevated level. Not only can these tools save a moment, but they can also set the tone for an event. Anywhere from a crazy dance party to an informative workshop, music and entertainment have the unique power to control the energy in a room and posture it to where an event needs it to be. Here are a few power tips to help utilize this tool for future activations:

  • Make playlists ahead of time for events to maximize time and be flexible to make adjustments on the spot as you read the room.
  • Be attentive to the volume of music to ensure that guests can hear it when it’s time to dance, and not be overpowered by it in times of listening.
  • Know your audience when it comes to song and entertainment choices.


2. The Perfect Theme

Although it might seem overplayed, the perfect theme can really transform an event. Sometimes this means breaking out the hula skirt and lei for a luau theme or simply presenting a powerful statement to be the backbone of an event. Whatever it may be, fun or serious, big or small, never underestimate the power a theme can have when engaging an audience and bringing a whole event together! 

Throughout the years at Elevate, we’ve gotten to activate a number of themed events. At times it’s been a fun carnival theme to keep everyone entertained, or it’s been for a conference where a simple word or phrase has moved the crowd into pushing themselves forward with growth and learning in new ways. Again, the goal is for a theme to never become overplayed or cheesy. Here are a few tips to keep your theme right on track:

  • For themes that require decorations, go all out with food, decor, props, etc. to really execute the theme right.
  • Communicate the theme beforehand. No one wants to be the one showing up to a party unprepared!
  • Tie the theme into any talks or games, without overdoing it. Do this by bringing everything back around to the overall theme to simply remind the guests of it, not drill it into their brains. 


3. Make it Personal

Our favorite moments at Elevate events are simply unexpected ones. Opportunities when we get to interact with our guests, bring someone up on stage, or highlight a rockstar in the crowd become the most memorable. The moments of engaging the crowd to create an experience are truly what transform an event into a memorable one. 

At Elevate, we heavily value the power of being seen and known by others. Being intentional with each other allows us to establish a connection with one another that transforms a moment into a memorable experience. Authentic moments within events don’t always have to be unexpected. Connecting with an audience can also be established by simply relating to them through a story, engaging with an activity, or a moment of vulnerability. Overall, inviting a crowd into the experience is what is going to leave an impact. Here are a few tips we use to keep it fresh when connecting with guests at events:

  • Create an official hashtag for an event, allowing you to interact with guests on social media platforms.
  • Incorporate different activations during an event to get a crowd moving and interacting with one another, as well as your team.


Try these simple must-have elements at your next event, and if you’re interested in how we create remarkable experiences, schedule a FREE event-strategy call with us!

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