3 Ways to Increase Crowd Engagement at Your Next Event

Nov 2, 2018

 Crowd engagement at events

Take crowd engagement to the next level

In the event world, it’s surprisingly easy to get so caught up in the logistical aspects of an event that we forget one of the most important parts– engaging the audience. Prioritizing crowd engagement is key to creating an event experience that is memorable and impactful. Incorporating moments of engagement into your event will not only build energy and excitement, but it also gives guests the chance to authentically connect with others.

3 ways to create an engaging, impactful event


1. Greet guests intentionally 

Find a way to go past the typical “Hi!” to create a more authentic connection with your guests before the event or meeting even begins. This looks different for every type of event, but these are a few of our favorites:

  • Giving high fives or fist-bumps
  • Pausing for moments of intentional conversation
  • Forming a human tunnel with your event staff that guests can walk through

*Pro-tip: Combine the human tunnel with high fives for next-level excitement. Trust us. 

2. Break the ice

Some events call for activations that allow strangers to become friends. Intentional moments of engagement ease awkwardness, spark conversation, and create environments of inclusion for all guests. These can range from table talk discussions and get-to-know-you questions to Lip Sync Battles and dance party moments.

When moderated correctly, moments of engagement can set the momentum for the rest of the day. Be ready to lead guests in fun topics or activities that may inspire them to share new things about who they are with everyone around them. 

The possibilities for moments of engagement are endless, but we’ve got a few fun resources to get you moving in the right direction.

3. Give a shout-out

Have you ever been pointed out in the audience at a concert, or seen your smiling face on a giant jumbotron? Few things are more memorable than moments in the spotlight. Every person wants to feel included, and one way to do so is by highlighting the variety of people in your audience.

Giving shout-outs can look differently for every event. Here are a few examples that we’ve used at Elevate events:

  • When leading a sports-related experience, call out team names and have fans cheer as loud as they can.
  • If an event required a lot of travel for many of the guests, acknowledge the varying distances that people have traveled in order to be a part of the event. 
  • If this is a company appreciation event, acknowledge the employees that have served at that company the longest.
  • Did someone win one of your games or competitions? Bring them on stage and let the crowd go crazy!

You can never go wrong when it comes to honoring others. The guests being recognized will light up with gratitude, and the rest of your attendees will join in on the celebration.


Let’s kick things up a notch.

Now that you have some fresh new ideas for crowd engagement, it’s time to get planning! You will never regret thinking for your guests and creating unforgettable moments that’ll get them looking forward to the next event.

As always, we’re here to help! Whether it’s through a consultation with our team, having us host your next event, or even assisting in the planning and production process, we look forward to serving you. Contact our team to get the conversation started.

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