5 Events to Help Grow Your Business in 2020

May 15, 2020

Nobody could have prepared for what we have faced so far in 2020. However, we can choose the way we look at the situation. We could look back on this time and remember fear, panic, and loss, or we could look back and see a time where we stretched new muscles and maximized our potential. 


We’ve put together a list of 5 events (in-person + virtual) that will allow organizations to reset and thrive. 


1. Town Hall:

This gathering provides a state of the business framework and gives updates on the 30,000 foot view of the business. Strategy, new initiatives, financial updates, and team changes are usually on the agenda for this type of gathering.This type of event is great for internal and VIP Clients/Raving Fans.


2. Company Hangout:

This is an opportunity for you to “let your hair down” and really connect with your team. It is an internal event only and creates space for conversation, celebration, and positive updates for upper-level leadership team members. A virtual hangout for your team combines the right amount of casual and formal with elements of structured and unstructured fun!


3. VIP Event:

This is designed for your customers and creates a distinct moment of gratitude. Create a 30-60 minute event for your customers so they can connect to your new initiatives. This is designed to share client testimonials, new product success, and let your customers know you care about them.


4. Brand Conference:

Create a one or multiple day conference that is about your ideal customer. Create a gathering that discusses key elements of brand, culture, strategy, and the new economy. Position yourself as the expert in your field and make sure to get the word out about your event to make it a success.


5. Team Building:

Now more than ever is the opportunity to help your team recalibrate. This is an internal event that demonstrates care for your team in a unique and forward-focused way. Reconstructing teams and providing confidence and clear direction is the win of this team building experience.


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