5 Tips for a Productive Meeting

May 20, 2020

Whether in-person or virtual, the way you structure your meetings should be well thought out and strategic. In order to maximize your meeting time, your meetings should feature elements of fun, important updates, and accountability.

The way you incorporate these three elements is up to you! That’s where you get to be creative. You can delegate segments of your meeting to different team members and have them prepare ahead of time or you can lead the meeting entirely. 


As you think through how to incorporate all three elements, here are 5 tangible tips for planning a productive meeting:



1. Have an agenda with a topic

A meeting agenda is a must when it comes to planning a productive meeting. Know exactly what you’re going to go over with your team and who is leading each part. To help Elevate a standard agenda, give your meeting a topic! This topic could be something your team is looking forward to that week, like an event or workshop, or it could be a more intangible idea, like gratitude. Having a topic will help you plan your meeting agenda by giving it a theme to tie into each element.



2. Ask good questions

Be specific when you ask questions. Pay attention to what you have talked about with your team in the past and ask questions about things you’ve previously discussed, personally and professionally. Also, remember to make room for questions throughout your meeting. One question our team frequently asks is, “Does anybody have any roadblocks they need removed for their work?” This question is great because it opens the door to execution and creates clarity in tasks.



3. Leave with action steps and due dates

A productive meeting results in action. At the end of your meeting your team should know what their next task is and should have all the details to execute it. Make sure to take time at the end to clearly list out action steps and provide due dates, if needed.



4. Incorporate fun

It’s important to create a balance of fun and productivity within your culture. Incorporating fun into your meeting is a great way to warm up your team and get everyone on the same page. By having a little fun together, your team will feel cared for and motivated to work hard. Check out our YouTube channel for quick and easy ice breaker games to play with your team!



5. Collaboration

Meetings are always an opportunity for collaboration across departments and full-teams. Everyone is creative, no matter what their job title, so give everyone a chance to brainstorm and contribute to a central idea once in a while. 

Meetings are inevitable, that’s for sure. However, you can maximize your meeting time and keep your team members productive without causing meeting fatigue. A little planning on your part can go a long way in creating meetings that your employees look forward to.

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