5 Ways for Your Team to Keep it Fresh

Jun 22, 2020

As workweeks go by there are always going to be days when your team feels unmotivated and stagnant. 


Those feelings are completely normal and happen any time a routine gets old. However, there are ways to keep your team motivated and excited about the tasks moving forward. We’ve put together a list of 5 ways to keep things fresh for your team:


1. Weekly check-ins 

Throughout the week, sit down with your staff in-person or through a video call, and simply ask where everyone’s mind is and how their work is progressing. Small check-ins throughout the week help the team feel seen and heard. 

2. Communicate 

Similar to weekly check-ins, encourage constant communication with each other. Ask how projects are going and if assistance is needed. This ensures that everyone is in the loop and on the same page. 

3. Share your vision 

Sharing your vision helps motivate your team and gives everyone a shared goal. This promotes team bonding, accountability, and productivity. Repeatedly sharing your vision will also clarify goals and produce high-quality results.

4. Provide opportunities for growth 

Providing individual team members with tangible ways they can improve helps promote learning. Learning a new system or skill are two ways to encourage growth and expand your team’s skillset.

5. Give positive feedback

While your team members are learning new skills and producing high-quality work, remember to give positive feedback and affirm their actions. This leaves everyone feeling accomplished. When your team feels appreciated, they are more likely to work hard and care about their work. 


Having an engaged and motivated team takes constant communication and hard work on both ends. By implementing these simple tactics, your work environment will feel less stiff and more unified. 


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