5 Ways to Cultivate Virtual Company Culture

Aug 14, 2020

While many companies are still working from home, company culture can suffer behind the screens. Here are five fun things you can do with your team to increase engagement while continuing to work from home:


1. Updates, Updates, Updates!

Ask your team members how they’re doing. Learn a little more about them by asking intentional questions. Create a designated time for personal updates and work-related updates.


2. Play games

Spice up your meetings by playing a game either at the beginning or the end of the meeting. Adding a fun element to your routine meetings helps bring the team together and boost morale. Have a different team member pick a new game for everyone to participate in from time to time to switch things up and provide leadership opportunities


3. Cheer one another on!

Highlight your team members for big and small wins once a week. Add a little time during your end of the weekly meeting to call out the positive things that occurred during the week. Not only does this activity make the team feel good, but it also brings attention to everyone’s hard work. 


4. Take a break

During the workday take a small break and chat with your teammates. Whether it be a group or one on one. Since many of us are working from home, those small intimate moments at the office are being missed. Take a 15-30 minute break and call a teammate and hear about what’s going on in their lives. Share a few laughs and then continue on with your workday. 


5. Strength assessments 

At Elevate we are all about the strengths! Have your team members take a short strength finder quiz. From this small assessment, not only will they learn more about themselves and their strengths, but they will also learn how to use their strengths in the workplace.


Working from home isn’t easy and those fun moments that take place during a day at the office are being seriously missed. Try using these tips to bring some fun to meetings and boost the team energy!

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