9 Types of Events to Help Your Business Grow in 2021

Jan 5, 2021

2021 is finally here. 

With so much change in the past year alone, many organizations are looking to get back on track in this new season, especially when it comes to hosting events with their teams. 

And there are A LOT of options to do just that. 

The following event examples present different ways of rallying together your team or your clients in order to accomplish a certain goal. As you look to the future of your organization, this is a great place to start in considering the best event (or virtual event) for your business. 

  1. Awards banquet – This type of event offers the opportunity to pause, see actions that the team is doing well, and tie it back into the values that your organization cares about. By calling out team members for their accomplishments, they are encouraged in the work they have done and want to take initiative to do even more in the future. 
  2. Internal conference – An internal conference offers your team the chance to gather for an extended length of time, bringing in outside speakers to invest in your employees. This is a great chance to teach your team something or to tie in a theme of what your organization will be concentrating on in the new year. 
  3. Sales Kickoff (SKO) – Instead of focusing on the entire team, this is a great option for rallying together your sales team at the beginning of the year. The purpose is to be both inspirational and motivational for your sales team going forward. It should also remind them of the checkpoints they will be expected to meet throughout the duration of the year and should motivate them to achieve those goals.
  4. Professional development sessions – Like an internal conference, these sessions should focus on adding value to your team. But these sessions are different in that they are conducted in smaller chunks of time. Reading a book as a team or bringing in a guest speaker for short amounts of time throughout the week are both great options for these sessions. These are great opportunities to remind rather than tell your team what they should be doing. 
  5. Team building experiences – These events or activities center around getting your team outside the norm of everyday office work routines – even if it’s just an hour. People are often siloed in their roles, especially when working remotely and don’t have a chance to interact with their team in a casual way. When conducted properly, this will offer a fun environment where a team can get together and enjoy themselves. And if your team is virtual, don’t worry, these team building experiences can be done online too. 
  6. Town hall events – A more formal gathering of your organization, this allows your executive team to speak to everyone within the company about updates and goals for the year. In 2021, this type of event is incredibly important and relevant, as employees have experienced a lot of change in the past year. Allow them to ask questions, and by all means, make it fun! When it comes to this type of event, we like to think of the wise words of Andy Stanley, who said, “People need to hear your voice more than they need to see your words.”
  7. Client appreciation events – This is something that is key for building a relationship with your clients, but is often overlooked. Hosting an event to show your appreciation for your clients helps to solidify your reputation and allows for learning more about what they want and are willing to invest in for their own teams. 
  8. Client brainstorm sessions – These sessions pull together different people from different industries to brainstorm and share ideas with one another. Community is a vital part of any organization, even community with those outside your immediate team. It might feel strange at first, but the truth is, other organizations probably have the same problems you do and facing them together will make accomplishing your goals that much easier. 
  9. Team retreat – One of the bigger ways to engage and celebrate your team is through a retreat. Whether it’s just one day or several days, these events encourage your organization to take a step back and consider what is most important. Lean into gratitude during this time and encourage your team to speak about things they’re thankful for as well. 

Albert Einstein once said, “Not everything that can be counted counts and not everything that counts can be counted.” This is especially true when it comes to investing in your own team or clients. The little things you do for your team might not have a quantitative value that can be counted, but they do count immensely. 

As you look for ways to celebrate the people around you this year, we hope these events are an encouragement to you and spark some great experiences for your organization going forward.

Check out our podcast about these events for more!

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