An Icebreaker for Every Event

Feb 28, 2020

Have you ever felt stuck when it comes to creating an engaging experience with your group because you felt hindered by the type of event you are putting on? We know that’s a difficult place to be! We also know how it feels to sit in a chair at an event and feel no sense of enthusiasm. We want to help you prevent your audience from ever feeling like that, and that is why we so strongly believe in the power of ice breakers and activations

We want to highlight a broad spectrum of events where we utilized icebreakers to help transform an event into a memorable experience for attendees. If you don’t know how to help your group connect because you’re having a tough time brainstorming for your unique event, then read on! There is an icebreaker for every event:


1. Leadership summits:

At St. Clair County Leadership Summit, we were presented with the opportunity to unite and instill passion in high school and middle school students to be leaders in their communities. In order to break the ice, we started by using the High-Five Challenge. Then, we transitioned into games like Block Your Eyes to allow them to connect in teams with a fun, hands-on activity!


2. Large conferences:

We had the pleasure of leading Name That Tune and an extremely great game of Insane Simon Says with Arrow Exterminators at their large-scale conference. These icebreakers allowed attendees to engage in a fun game together and get moving after sitting for long portions of the day. Who wants to sit at a conference all day with no engagement or opportunity to move around? Play some Simon Says and get creative… it’s fun for every audience!


3. In a checkout line:

Icebreakers are extremely versatile. For many icebreakers, no materials are needed. All you need is the ability to lead the activation, and you’re on your way to transforming an ordinary event into an experience. We connected with customers who were purchasing new Star Wars apparel from Columbia Sportswear. Through a series of trivia questions, prize giveaways, and simply playing music, we helped these people have a great time connecting with others while standing in line to purchase their clothes.


4. Team-building events:

We have been involved with many events intended to build community and inspire people. Events like this can be small or large scale, but a great way to get people interacting with one another in order to build community is through the icebreaker Greet like a Friend.


5. Small, informal social gatherings:

You can even incorporate icebreakers between friends and small community groups. Small gatherings and parties can benefit from playing games like Yellebrate or Would You Rather. These games give the opportunity to connect on both a surface level and a deeper level.


So, what’s the verdict? Have we convinced you? There really is an icebreaker for every event or gathering, even if it’s purpose is just to give people the chance to get moving after sitting for a while. If you lead with the intention of creating an engaging, inspiring, and memorable experience, then it will be. Your audience will be thankful for the opportunity to make meaningful connections. 

Try out these simple icebreakers at your next event, and if you’re interested in how we create remarkable experiences, schedule a FREE event-strategy call with us!

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