The Complete Guide to a Fun and Celebratory Awards Banquet Experience

The Complete Guide to a Fun and Celebratory Awards Banquet Experience

One of the easiest ways to celebrate your team is by encouraging and appreciating them. Awards and ceremonies can be daunting events, but with our tips and potential partnership, we can help you to encourage and challenge your team in a healthy way. 


We can also help you turn these events into engaging experiences that will leave a lasting impact on audiences and participants. 

Why your holiday party should include giving out company awards

“What is celebrated gets reproduced” – We apply this concept by giving team members a fun experience to look forward to. Holiday parties are a great example because it creates a freedom to have fun and engage with one another outside of work, and celebrate all the hard work that’s been accomplished up to that point.

Tips for creating an award ceremony experience (big or small):

The Proper Number of Awards

At this point, you’ve decided to create awards for your team, but you’re probably thinking of the question of “how many?” at the same time. Awards are great, and there is definitely a healthy balance to be established. Reflecting on experiences in each of our lives, some of the most important awards presented were those that had some kind of intentional meaning. Awards are made meaningful because they represent exceptional performance, and most of the time, awards are based on a certain person who set that standard. 

Whether this is your first year giving out awards for your team, or you’ve been doing this all along, find a new award to incorporate that is dedicated to someone who paved the way. This creates a sense of purpose and honor toward the honoree and future recipients will feel greatly honored to follow in their footsteps.

Choosing a number of awards depends on the size of your audience. This number is ultimately up to your own discretion, but our best advice is to create a balance and make it personal.


When it comes to staffing events, such as large-scale conferences and awards banquets, a basic staff can consist of the following roles:

  • Stage manager
  • Emcee
  • Producer
  • DJ
  • Slides
  • Stage hands

You can give or take some of these roles, depending on the size of the event and need. In the event world, it’s important to note that you should always prepare more than you need. Things can go wrong, and most likely, will go wrong. However, if you prepare well and keep calm in times of stress, your event will most likely run smoothly, and your audience won’t even be able to tell if there were hiccups.

Table Decor

Table decor – how often do you think about it? It may not seem like a top-of-mind detail, but table decor is one of the tiny details that makes events like holiday parties and awards ceremonies stand out. When you put intentionality into your table decor and display, your audience feels spoiled as soon as they walk in the door. This is a chance for you to impress your audience and set the tone for the event. 

Consider this aspect of the planning process the fun part. You get full creative license to decorate however you like. It can be personal, quirky, beautiful, or a mixture of all. Just make sure that it’s consistent across the room, and that it will make your audience feel special. If you can accomplish those two goals, you’ve done well. 

Need a little inspiration? Head over to our Pinterest page to see some table decor ideas!


How to prep awards:

  • Place a table on the side of the stage
  • (Optional) cover awards using a black cloth/sheet
  • Match awards with order the of people coming on-stage

Test the actuals


Casting Vision

Holiday parties are a great time to cast vision for your team members and the future of your organization. This sets the tone going into the new year and gives your team members a renewed sense of focus and purpose within their individual roles.

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Your next event starts now. Event planning is one of our sweet spots. Let’s make some magic.

Your next event starts now. Event planning is one of our sweet spots. Let’s make some magic.

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