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3 Simple Events to Consider Planning this Summer

Alright - the sunny skies and warmer temps are here, and we’re wondering…what are your plans this summer? Without a doubt, your team members have plans for days off and...

Alright - the sunny skies and warmer temps are here, and we’re wondering…what are your plans this summer?

Without a doubt, your team members have plans for days off and summer vacations, and while these are totally warranted after months of hard work, there’s a good chance that this “summer state of mind” can also lead to a bit of disengagement at work.

➡️ But what if you, as a leader, could capitalize on the summer season and actually use it to engage with your team on a deeper level? 👀

Now that we’ve got your attention🤗, here are just a few of the many reasons that hosting events during the summertime can leave lasting impact on your organization: 

  • Recognition and appreciation: Summer events can be used as occasions to recognize employee achievements, celebrate milestones, or express appreciation for their hard work. This can help employees feel valued and motivated, leading to increased satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Opportunities for team building: Summer events can incorporate team-building activities such as games, group outings, or collaborative projects. These activities can help strengthen bonds among coworkers, improve communication, and promote a sense of unity within the organization. *Insider tip: inviting family members to participate will take this to another level! 
  • Boosting morale and camaraderie: Summer events allow employees to socialize in a more relaxed setting outside of the office environment. These gatherings can create stronger relationships among team members, improve morale, and enhance overall company culture (yes, please)!


💥 Overall, hosting company events during the summer can contribute to a positive work environment, strengthen employee relationships, and boost morale..ultimately benefiting your company as a whole. 

And who doesn’t want to experience those benefits!? 



Now, we know you’re already busy with summer plans of your own (plus everything else on your plate) we want to help make it easier than ever to host a summer event.

Below are 3 Simple Summer Events to consider planning...

oh, and did we mention these are REAL examples of summer events we're hosting for our clients this Summer!?


Who says field day should only be for elementary school kids? We believe adults deserve to have fun, too – especially during the warm days of summer. Hosting a field day for your company is a great way to “let loose” and invite team members to enjoy a day of pure enjoyment. What you might not realize is that this type of fun will make people feel appreciated AND more connected - leading to increased performance at work. 

Company field days can be as simple or elaborate as you want - from easy games to rentals (dunk tank, anyone!?) – we can help bring any vision to life! 

*Bonus points for inviting team members’ families to join!



Want to do something fun this summer but without the heat? Game shows can be hosted either in-person or virtually, making them the perfect option for teams that are spread out geographically. 

Our team is locked and loaded with everything it takes to host a game show that will have your team competing, laughing, and connecting with each each other in a whole new way. 

*Bonus points for offering prizes! 



The perfect blend of business and fun, team-building events are the perfect way to invest in your team this summer.

We love hosting team-building events that combine unique activities with intentional learning, and we’ve got you covered when it comes to both! From curated curriculum to the perfect moments of engagement, we’re ready to help your team grow together this summer.


So there you have it – 3 simple events to plan this summer! 

➡️ If you don’t already have at least one of these on your calendar, what are you waiting for?

We'd love nothing more than to help create remarkable moments for our team this summer.

All you have to do is CLICK HERE and say something like “yes!” or “help!”...and we’ll get back to you with a whole slew of possibilities that will best suit YOUR company, YOUR culture, and YOUR needs. 

Basically, what we’re saying is that we’ll do all the detail work…just say the word!

Here's to this summer being the BEST one yet for you and your team! 


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