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5 Benefits of Strong Company Culture: Why it Matters for Business Success

How many times have you heard about the importance of strong company culture? Probably a lot, if we had to guess. Now, more than ever, company culture is something that...

How many times have you heard about the importance of strong company culture?

Probably a lot, if we had to guess.

Now, more than ever, company culture is something that businesses not only care a lot about…but also something they spend a significant amount of time and resources on in order to enhance and strengthen such a  fundamental element of their business. The best ones do, at least! 

But if a random person you met in an elevator asked you to explain what company culture actually is, could you clearly tell them? Or better yet, what if your 10-year-old niece or nephew asked? How would you explain it to them? 

If you’re scratching your head - no sweat. Company culture is one of those things that might seem easy to understand, but difficult to explain. How do you articulate something that you feel in clear words? 

We’ve got your back ⬇️

Company culture can be defined as shared values, beliefs, behaviors, and norms that define the identity and working environment of an organization. It encompasses the collective attitudes, practices, and traditions that shape how employees interact with each other, approach their work, and engage with the company's mission and goals.

Let’s scale it back a notch, though (this ones for you, lil nephew) - another source defines company culture as the sum of all that you and your colleagues think, say, and do as you work together. 

At the end of the day, I think we’d all agree that company culture is how working at an organization FEELS to the people who work there. 

To put the cookies on the bottom shelf, let’s put it this way: Strong company culture looks like…

    • Employees who are engaged
    • High rates of retention 
    • Healthy communication
    • Enjoyable activities to connect with one another
    • Strong and humble leadership 
    • Consistent growth and improvement 
    • ...And more!

…and a NOT-SO-STRONG company culture? It basically looks like the opposite of what’s listed above. 

The list above gives a small glimpse into why having a strong company culture is important, but let’s take a closer look at 5 specific benefits:

    1. Satisfaction - We spend a lot of time at work, so why not enjoy it? If you google statistics about employee satisfaction, you might be surprised by what you find. A significant percentage of team members are not happy with their job - but the ones who are? They stay with the company for a long time, which leads us to our next point…
    2. Retention - As stated above, when people are satisfied, they stay. And we all know that a lower retention rate is the goal for any company! 
    3. Connectivity - Feeling connected as a team (including leadership) leads to a lot of important things. It absolutely contributes to satisfaction, and also enhances performance/innovation. 
    4. Reputation - Believe it or not, your clients, customers, and other people you interact with in business can truly feel when you have a strong company culture (and the opposite, too). It is evident in the way your team shows up, the quality of services/products, and so much more. 
    5. Business Success - Last but not least, all of the previous 4 benefits (and a myriad of others) lead to more overall business success - and that’s what we all want, right?

Okay, so maybe you’re either convinced or refreshed on why having a strong company culture is beneficial, and why it matters for the success of your business. But knowing this is only half of the equation. 

So HOW do you create strong company culture and better yet, sustain it? 

Keep an eye out for an upcoming blog post on this specific topic, but in a nutshell, strong company culture can be created by…

    • Defining Core Values
    • Leading by example 
    • Communicating clearly and openly
    • Recognizing and rewarding 
    • Accepting feedback

...and so much more. 

While this may seem like a LOT, it can all be summarized in one word: intentionality.

If you’re leading a company or team and would like support in creating a strong culture that keeps your people satisfied and your business successful, our team would love to help!

We’ve spent over 10+ years working directly with companies to implement practical ways to build, strengthen, and maintain a company culture that is unlike any other. Click here to book a discovery call! 


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