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5 Easy Ways to Make Sure Your Event is FUN

Have you ever had a day (or week, or month for that matter), that was so insanely busy and hectic that you get to the end of it and think...

Have you ever had a day (or week, or month for that matter), that was so insanely busy and hectic that you get to the end of it and think “Ummm, what even just HAPPENED!?” 

It’s like - boom, boom, boom - from one thing to the next. So FULL that you barely come up for air.

Does this ring a bell? Or strike a nerve, perhaps? 😅

Listen, we have ALL been there, and it’s often during chaotic times like this that we forget something really important – having fun

If you’ve ever been responsible for planning an event of any size, you know it can feel similar! You get so swept up in ALLLLLL the details that it can be really easy to let the “fun” element go by the wayside. And, uh, we’ll be honest - nobody wants to attend an event that doesn’t have the fun factor on LOCK. 

So here’s the deal. As we head into the summer months ahead, it’s the perfect time to unpack and/or refresh your mind on ways to incorporate FUN into any event. 

Clients are so kind to us in sharing their compliments on a lot of the services we offer, but bringing the fun factor is always on the list. Because no matter what type of event you’re hosting: a 5k, corporate retreat, team meeting, etc, we believe in the power of energy and smiles! We believe this so wholeheartedly, we’ve actually coined the phrase “Say goodbye to boring events” as our official Elevate tagline! 😎

Below are our top 5 recommendations for incorporating FUN into your events this summer and beyond! 🚀 (psst: be sure to read them all, because some may not be what you’d expect!)


Playing the right music at the right time is one of our age-old tips for bringing an event to life. Instead of choosing a random playlist or playing the ‘same old’ songs that are played at every event, amp up the fun by getting creative in the music department! Consider pre-building a playlist for your event that is aligned with the current season, and better yet, with the theme of your event. We guarantee that some good beats will put a smile on your attendees’ faces.



This one might seem like a no-brainer, but depending on the type of event you’re hosting, incorporating games can feel tricky. Good news, friend. We’ve got an entire library of ready to play games available - click here to check them out! Believe it or not, even our most structured/corporate events often include a game or two. Why? Games help people let loose and get out of their shell which leads to, you guessed it, fun! PS - several of our games even include videos of how to play! Take the guesswork out of games that will actually be fun, click here to shop!


Raise your hand if you love being at an event where there’s only one speaker that talks to you for an extended period of time, and that’s about it. We’re guessing you’re not raising your hand, and we don’t blame you! Events that are interactive have a MUCH higher rate of engagement, which (we promise) is exactly what you want. Many of the other suggestions on this list fall under the umbrella of interaction, but it still deserves its own place because it’s really that important. Thinking through intentional ways to interact with your event attendees is an easy way to increase the fun-factor! This can literally be as simple as asking the audience for a hand-raise, inviting someone to answer a question, and more. 


We’re going to keep it real here - people love a good giveaway. Incorporating them into your events is not only a great way to add fun, but it’s also a great way to show attendees that you value them! Now if you’re thinking your budget won’t allow for some kind of crazy Apple Watch or 5-day tropical cruise style giveaway, hold that thought. Because we’ve seen just about EVERY event budget in the books, and there’s always a way to incorporate some sort of giveaway. We’ve even seen companies get so creative as to offer a “free” extra day of PTO! There are also other great options like $5 Starbucks cards that won’t break the bank. Wherever you land in terms of budget, giveaways are a sure-fire way to get your crowd excited! Insider tip: let the giveaways be the prizes for the games we mentioned, above!


Last but not least, the power of having a rock-solid emcee. This one fires us up, because think about it - what if the infamous TV show family feud didn’t have a host…? Awkward! Having an experienced emcee at your event (who is aligned with your culture and an expert on the mic) is THE absolute best way to guarantee a good experience. They are not only the person guiding attendees through the event itself, but they are also responsible for cracking a good joke, interacting with others, and so. much. more. We’ve worked with clients in the past who have decided to run an event without an emcee (even after doing it WITH one before), and do you know what happens? They immediately notice the difference. In a nutshell, the energy and dynamic of having a professional emcee WILL change the game for your event. 

And that’s a wrap! Try incorporating one (or all) of these 5 ideas into YOUR events this summer, and watch the fun-splosion happen! 

Love these ideas, but feel overwhelmed by the idea of pulling it all together? Don’t worry - that’s our jam! Click here to connect with a member of our team.


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