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5 Ideas for a Virtual Holiday Party

One of our favorite events to host for our own team every year is an annual holiday party. These events are a great time to show gratitude, award hard work,...

One of our favorite events to host for our own team every year is an annual holiday party. These events are a great time to show gratitude, award hard work, and simply unwind with the rest of the team.

As the holiday season rolls around, capping off a particularly challenging year for events, many teams are struggling with uncertainty over whether or not these events can happen. While some smaller teams might opt for the traditional, in-person gathering, many organizations will have to transition their annual parties to a virtual platform. While this might seem like the less ideal option, we believe there are a few things that can be done to make these online gatherings just as fun and meaningful for the people on your team...

Mail Them Something When your team can’t get together for a live event, it goes a long way to mail them something that feels personal, especially relating to the virtual holiday party. Sticking with the Christmas theme, think of sending cookies, candy canes, or even ingredients for a drink to be made the night of the party.

Plan a Costume Contest Sometimes your team needs an activity purely for the sake of having fun. A virtual costume contest is a great way to do just that. Invite them to dress up, wear an ugly sweater, or even participate in a pre-planned theme.

Bring in a Surprise Guest Bringing in an outsider to entertain or inspire your team is another great idea for any virtual event, especially around the holidays. This can be done in a variety of ways. Anything from a musical guest (live musician, choir, orchestra) to a guest speaker.

Give Awards Awards are one of the best ways to recognize and call out the strengths of your team members. Not only do they convey appreciation but they also inspire your team members to keep working hard toward new goals every year. We are currently working with an organization whose CEO is crafting five special awards in his own personal woodshop. This might not cost much money but it sure takes some intentional time – something that will not go unnoticed by team members.

Play a Game We are a big fan of icebreakers or any type of game that brings a team together. Luckily, there are plenty of virtual games that can be played to get your team interacting through their screens. Our favorite games are those that are done intentionally with your specific team in mind. Think of something creative that draws on a main theme of the past year or even the year ahead.

Each of these tips center around prioritizing your team and thinking ahead with intentionality. Remember that when your team is thought for, they value the work that they do. Let this be a guiding principle in whatever element you decide to include in your virtual holiday party. Be sure to check out more of our holiday party tips.


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