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5 Reasons to Hire a Keynote Speaker for Your Next Event

Calling all event planners and organizers! Are you in the trenches of planning your upcoming events?    If so, let’s cut to the chase: there’s a LOT to plan for,...

Calling all event planners and organizers! Are you in the trenches of planning your upcoming events? 


If so, let’s cut to the chase: there’s a LOT to plan for, right!?


Food. Timeline. Chairs. A/V. Content. Timing. Location. Etc, etc, etc!


Amidst the craziness of *all the details needed* to plan and execute a remarkable event…can we drop a truth bomb on you?


If “snag a killer keynote speaker” isn’t at the tip top of your to-do list, your event simply won’t be as great as it COULD be.


Now, hold the phone for a sec, because we’re not saying your event won’t be successful if you don’t hire a keynote speaker (the right keynote speaker, for that matter). What we ARE saying, however, is that booking a keynote speaker could be the missing ingredient to the “secret sauce” that will make your event one for the ages. We’re talking about the kind of secret sauce that trumps even your favorite fast-food drive-through (all eyes on you, Polynesian)! 


Picture this: a room full of people, eyes bright, energy buzzing, and hanging onto every word like it’s the best thing they’ve ever heard. That, friends, is the magic a great keynote speaker brings to the table. 


In a nutshell, hiring the right keynote speaker will bring the unforgettable event engagement you desire (adios, yawn fests)! 


So grab your coffee (or energy drink, we’re not here to judge), and let’s dive into 5 SOLID reasons to hire a keynote speaker for your next event. 


They can be a breath of fresh air for your audience. 

    The truth is, there’s just something about having someone from OUTSIDE your organization play a big role in your event. Sure, you could stick with the same old routine of having internal folks drone on about your company's latest achievements, but where's the excitement in that? Let's face it, your audience deserves more than just another PowerPoint presentation. They crave inspiration, fresh insights, and a new perspective. And that's exactly what an outsourced keynote speaker brings to the table. 


    They can inspire your audience in a new way.  

    Speaking of inspiration…hiring a great keynote speaker can inspire your audience in a whole new way. And that’s what you want, right? To see event attendees locked in, taking notes, laughing, and actually engaging in the event you worked so hard to bring to life. The best keynote speakers have poured time and energy into creating talks that are not only inspiring but also provide tangible action steps that will equip everyone in the crowd to apply what they’re learning to their work and daily life. Now that’s what’s up! For example, our very own Billy Boughey’s signature keynote talk, ROAD SIGNS, equips leaders with practical tips for paying attention to various “road signs” on their leadership journey. This keynote talk is enhanced by a custom workbook, inviting attendees to really immerse themselves in the topic AND take it home with them. Sounds awesome, right!?


    They actually do this for a living…so you can trust them! 

    As you can see in the example above, keynote speakers do this thing for a living…so you can trust them! We know, we know…”Susan in accounting” has actually done a few speaking engagements here and there, and could probably bring some good insights to the table at your event. But let’s be honest - wouldn’t it be nice to REALLY feel confident (and excited) about adding a unique addition (ahem, an awesome keynote speaker) to your events this year!? 


    They can enhance the overall VIBE (bonus points if they double as an emcee). 

    Not only does the right keynote speaker bring their knowledge, expertise, and personal experience to the table…their enthusiasm and energy can truly shake up the overall vibe of your event in the best way possible. Their interactive abilities can make listeners want to jump out of their seats and attack challenges head-on. Want our personal opinion!? The best keynote speakers can also double as an emcee, meaning they can truly be the *glue* that holds your event together – engaging attendees not only during their talk but throughout every transition and the entire event as a whole. 


    They can help you save time and energy. 

    We know how stressful and crazy event planning can be – so can we remind you of something real quick? Your most precious resources throughout the event planning process are TIME and ENERGY. Hiring the right keynote speaker for your event is BUDGET WELL SPENT. It’s a game-changing line item to add to the cost of your event, because it will literally be the thing that allows you to take a deep breath and know that attendees are going to leave inspired, motivated, encouraged…and happy they actually ENJOYED your event. Come on, somebody! 


    It’s easy to dismiss the power of hiring a keynote speaker for your events. Buuuut, making this a priority can truly change the entire dynamic of your event and leave your attendees wanting MORE, more, more! And before we close this thing out, it’s VERY important to re-emphasize that hiring just any keynote speaker isn’t the move – rather, it’s crucial to find someone who is the right fit for your event. You can read more about how to make that decision by clicking here!




    From injecting fresh perspectives to sparking passion and engagement, keynote speakers bring a unique blend of professionalism and charisma to the stage. So, if you're ready to elevate your event and leave a lasting impression on your audience, it's time to make that keynote speaker hire. Trust us, you won't regret it. 


    We can’t even begin to count the number of clients who have shared their positive feedback for hiring Elevate Founder & CEO, Billy Boughey as their keynote speaker and emcee. Their kind words about how Billy’s content and overall ability to ENGAGE their audience make us blush! 


    If this type of engagement and empowerment sounds like what you need at your next event, we’ll save you a step of research and invite you to REACH OUT to learn more about whether Billy Boughey could be a good fit for your event. 


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