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Being a Team Player, On and Off the Court

I’m sure we all remember that feeling of being a part of something bigger than ourselves, like being on a team. Being on a team meant pushing one another, performing...

I’m sure we all remember that feeling of being a part of something bigger than ourselves, like being on a team.

Being on a team meant pushing one another, performing together, stepping up to the plate, and celebrating together.

Being part of a team is nothing shy of impactful. Hard moments of tough conditioning with your teammates breathless alongside you bond you and make you stronger.

The moment that stops in time as the buzzer goes off and your team rushes the field for a win brings a well deserved celebration.

Team mentality can transform the way you approach any group dynamic.

Championing others is a vital component of relationships in work and beyond, whether it is on or off the court.

Practice Deep - Bonds are created whilst training alongside a team through blood, sweat, and tears. Time spent in practice is far from wasted, and it is actually the time spent conditioning where growth happens in skill and in relationships. It is where you truly learn what it means to be on someone’s team. Rooting for one another, encouraging each other, and failing together are some of the most important moments during practice. Don’t devalue the time in practice, but appreciate the time with one another to continue to learn and grow from one another as a team.

Taking a Water Break - Getting your head in the game is important, but so is taking care of yourself. It can become very easy to become burnt out mid-game. Taking time for a water break is essential. No one expects you to do it all your own, or without the chance to catch your breath. Rest can maximize your efforts as a team player, and you should encourage one another to do the same.

The Big Game - All the prep and all the work leads up to the execution: the big game. There is nothing like the motivating pressure to launch a team into the perfect execution. The moment where there is no looking back. It’s now or never. It’s game time. Most of the time, people think of the game as the result or the end score, but it’s much more than that for a team. It is every move, every shot, and every point that makes up the final scoreboard. Every moment from start to finish is what makes a team united.

From the Sidelines - Being a part of the team isn’t always about being in the spotlight. Some of the most important work is done on the sidelines. Whether it’s from the coach or a fellow teammate, encouragement and making a game plan are two very significant pieces to the outcome of a game. Moments like this show what it means to be supported by a team. We may not always agree, but we must position ourselves to come together consistently, communicate effectively, and support one another.

Half Time - Transport yourself back to a moment where your team was down at halftime. You go into the locker room tired and defeated. You and your team can easily give up or lose hope. But this break brings about the opportunity for change. A short intermission of encouragement that can reposition everyone to dig deep and fight hard. Take the time to re-evaluate as a team, hype one another up, and readjust your strategy. Go back out on the right foot. We all love an underdog and a comeback.

At Elevate, we are constantly looking for new opportunities to grow as team members in and outside the office. Like you, we have all been shaped by the times we’ve had as members of a team.

What are some of your fondest team memories that helped you grow and become a better leader? Drop us a comment, we’d love to hear!


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