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Choosing the perfect event venue: 3 Top Factors to Consider

If you’ve ever planned an event - yes, even your kid’s birthday party - there’s one component that almost ALWAYS comes first in the planning process. You guessed it -...

If you’ve ever planned an event - yes, even your kid’s birthday party - there’s one component that almost ALWAYS comes first in the planning process.


And it makes sense! Understanding WHERE an event is going to take place is foundational to the planning process. 

While this may seem somewhat elementary when it comes to planning a remarkable event, it’s actually one of the trickiest things to decide on. 

Why? Well, there’s simply a lot to consider!

Let’s be honest - we’ve ALL been to that *flop* of an event where we ended up drenched in rain because there was no backup plan, or standing in the back of a conference room because the planners underestimated the space needed. 

At Elevate, we believe in creating events that people LOVE, and that begins with making sure the event takes place in THE perfect spot. 

After 10+ years of consulting clients on how to choose the perfect venue, space, and/or location for THEIR specific event, we’ve nailed down the top 3 factors to consider when you find yourself in this process:

  • The Obvious. First off, understanding the simple things (aka the “obvious” stuff) is the perfect place to start. This includes things like the number of attendees, space needs, seating type, catering needs, accessibility, convenience, safety, and a myriad of other fundamental planning considerations. We recommend creating a standard checklist for all basic items - and marking things off as you plan so that you can be SURE nothing will slip through the cracks. 

  • The Not-So-Obvious. While a lot of the things listed above are easy to think of, there are a lot of other “not so obvious” things to consider when choosing an event venue. For example - a member of our team once attended a beautiful outdoor wedding that was perfect in all ways except one: the ONE bathroom (for 450 guests, mind you) was located way across the property in an old barn. Not ideal for an 87-year-old grandma, right? As you’re planning your event - be sure to put yourself in the attendees’ shoes and think through EVERYTHING that they’ll experience from start to finish. Think bathroom location options, overflow space, and A/V needs…just to name a few!

  • The Wow-Factor. Alright. This is where the fun comes in! And to be honest, we’re letting you in on a little Elevate secret here because this is our go-to when we’re helping clients with how to choose an event venue. Two questions we always ask in the overall planning process are: what do you want attendees to remember, and how do you want them to feel? The responses to these two questions can give you that Mario Brothers “super blast” when it comes to nailing your venue selection. 

  • In a nutshell, choosing an event venue that checks ALL boxes is crucial, as it sets the stage for your event, ensures comfort, prioritizes attendees’ experience, and leaves the impression you WANT to be left. 

    Want to get an expert’s opinion on your next event’s venue options? Click here to book a 15-minute call with our team. 


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