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Do Company Holiday Parties Really Matter?

You’d be surprised how often we get asked (or overhear) this question being asked – “Do company holiday parties really matter?”  And we get it. It's the end of the...

You’d be surprised how often we get asked (or overhear) this question being asked – “Do company holiday parties really matter?” 

And we get it. It's the end of the year. People are tired, budgets are spent, and everyone has their eyes set on time off for the holidays and then a fresh start with the new year.

It feels like yesterday that your company and/or leadership team was gathering together to set goals and make big plans for this year and suddenly, here you are – staring December right in the face. 

Whether you’ve totally crushed those goals, orrrrr things didn’t go quite as planned, we’re here to provide the answer to the question of if celebrating the holidays with your team is really that important: YES.

Now, we didn’t capitalize and bold that word for no reason. 

You see, we don’t just feel strongly about holiday parties because they’re fun (and something we specialize in creating). We believe that holiday parties matter because we have SEEN their fruit, time and time again, with an endless list of clients.

Clients who, at first, thought their holiday party would be…

  • Stale, and maybe even awkward
  • Just another thing to throw money at
  • Unappreciated by their team 
  • Something to “get through” rather than to actually enjoy

Before we move on, let’s be honest – we’ve probably ALL been to a holiday party that would check all of the boxes above, right? *cringey* to say the least.

That’s not the kind of company holiday party we’re talking about here. In fact, those same clients (along with a list of “early believers”, aka people who were ready to party from the start!) experienced a total mindset shift regarding the value of holiday parties after seeing (and feeling) how they should be: 

  • FUN and engaging 
  • Worth the budget 
  • Appreciated by their team 
  • A time of connection, celebration, and joy

Most importantly? Celebrating with your team during the holidays and periodically throughout the year can be directly linked to an increase in employee satisfaction, employee retention, and an increase in your overall bottom line. 


It's true – because when the people you work with feel like their hard work, dedication, and commitment are valued from the top down, they’re more likely to ENJOY what they do, therefore they’ll do a better job at what they do, therefore your company will make more money.


Need we say more? 

It’s important to note that when it comes to corporate holiday parties or celebrating with your team any time of year, there’s no “one size fits all” solution. In fact, the success (i.e. hitting all of the benefits listed above) is dependent on your understanding of what will serve your company best, and then planning accordingly! 

If you’re still seeing swarms of doubt flowing through your mind on if it’s really worth it, or if you want to spend the time and energy to make it happen – stay with us. Below, we’re sharing 3 things to consider when it comes to planning a remarkable company holiday party.

*Spoiler Alert* It doesn’t have to break the bank OR take too much time. 

  1. Get your mind right. It's no secret that the end of the year is an ideal time to reflect on victories, goals achieved, and other great things that have happened over the past several months. It’s also a good time to challenge yourself even in the way you reflect on setbacks. How did “failures” help your team grow? What obstacles did you overcome together? If this seems a little “woo woo”, just try it. There’s nothing more important than getting your heart and mind in the right posture as you prepare to consider celebrating with your hardworking team. *Insider tip: send a company-wide email asking for team members to share memories from throughout the year. If you’re feeling stuck in the reflection game, this will help!
  2. Ask yourself: How would they feel valued? Before jumping into big (or small) plans, spend some time thinking through and better yet, asking around about what type of celebration would make your team feel valued. Is it important to include their spouses/families? Would they prefer a team bonding night at Top Golf? Would a catered lunch and gift card to bless their family be a home run? How could a fun awards show make your team members feel seen and appreciated (and also make them laugh)? You know your team best – take time to consult with yourself and your leadership/management to determine what your team members value most. Trust us, it matters! PS - if an awards show sounds like a blast (because it is), let us know! We’d love to help you pull it off seamlessly.
  3. Work with your (realistic) budget. One of the most common objections we hear from clients about why they’re thinking about NOT throwing a company holiday party is that their budget is tapped out and/or allocated to other things. It's the end of the year, after all…right!? It's a valid point and a worthy concern. But the fact of the matter is that celebrating the holidays with your team does NOT have to be a huge line item. In fact, it can (dare we say) not cost a single dime! Celebrating can look as simple as making space for a “fun & connection only” team meeting (play a game, initiate conversation topics, reflect on funny memories)...or as elaborate as renting out an awesome venue and providing an evening of food and entertainment. Need a “meet in the middle” option? Reserve a couple of hours for your team to gather for a game show or award show (again…we can help you pull this off)! Planning a holiday party for your team that is in line with your budget will alleviate stress and allow you to truly lean into what the party is meant for - enjoyment! 

At the end of the day, there’s nothing quite as important as investing in your team. At a minimum, be sure to make plans to specifically express your appreciation to your employees this holiday season. After all, they’re the reason your company gets to do what it does! 

Holiday parties and year-round experiences that leave a lasting impact are our specialty! Click here to connect with a member of our team to learn how we can take the details off of your plate.


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