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DO THIS and Watch Your Event Succeed

Have you ever been to a symphony performance?   It takes a LOT to make the beautiful sounds that a symphony creates…and maybe you know, right off the bat, where...

Have you ever been to a symphony performance?


It takes a LOT to make the beautiful sounds that a symphony creates…and maybe you know, right off the bat, where we’re headed with this. 


The various parts of a symphony (strings, brass, percussion, etc) have IMPORTANT parts to play (pun absolutely intended). Together, they sound AMAZING, right!? 


But alone? That high-pitched string section might sound more like unpleasant screeching. The sick beat dropped by the percussion section might sound like more of a headache. And the brass section…does it sound more like a train horn!? 


They might all be playing their part perfectly, but it isn’t until they’re played TOGETHER and AT THE RIGHT TIME that it sounds, well, like a symphony.


Event planning is not much different, friends.


Like a symphony, event planning demands a seamless coordination of various elements to ensure a successful outcome. These components, while equally important, only REALLY make sense when they come together. 

While there are a lot of specific details that need to be put together for an event to be “symphonic” (aka really awesome), today we want to “tie a bow” on the topic we’ve been sharing about over the past few months - engagement.

In this blog, we’ll share the BEST questions to ask yourself if you want to NAIL the engagement game at your next events!

Again - keep in mind that there are a *lot* of important details (like location, date/time, and more) that most definitely contribute to planning successful events.

But, we’d dare to argue that if you can really succeed with ENGAGEMENT at your event, it will directly correlate to the overall success. 

QUICK PAUSE - when we say “successful” event, here’s what we mean:

A successful event is one where attendees:

  • Are happy to PAY ATTENTION (the fewer cell phones out, the better)! 
  • Have smiles on their faces
  • Leave with new knowledge they can apply to their lives/work
  • Get to interact with each other and those leading the event 
  • ENJOY themselves…there, we said it!


At the end of the day, we really do know what it takes to have the BEST event ever. Might seem like a bold statement – and it’s not because we think we know it all! The thing is, we’ve been doing this for a while (almost 12 years, to be precise)...and that means we’ve seen a LOT. 

  • We’ve heard about events where people literally fall asleep in the crowd. 
  • We’ve heard about events where no one gets to say anything except for the person on stage. 
  • We’ve heard about events where not a single person smiles or laughs.
  • We’ve heard about events where the content makes absolutely no sense. 
  • We’ve heard about events where no fun is had.


And we really believe that even the most serious events should be enjoyable. 

Now, here comes the good stuff! We are HONORED to have partnered with hundreds of event planners over the years, specifically to bring engagement to their events. 

Alas, one of the biggest things we’ve learned over the past decade plus is that the event planners who ask themselves these questions when planning an event end up having the most SUCCESSFUL events!

So, if you’re an event planner who asks yourself the following questions when planning your event, we believe you will see engagement (and therefore, success) SOAR at your next events: 

  1. What details should we focus on to create an immersive and engaging experience for our event attendees, from venue setup to interactive activities like icebreakers and games?
  2. How can we adapt our event schedule or activities before AND in real time to maintain high levels of attendee engagement? 
  3. How can we weave the theme of this event into the entire run of show? From decor, to icebreakers to keynote speaking? 
  4. How can we leverage technology and social media platforms to enhance attendee engagement before, during, and after the event, and encourage active participation and interaction among attendees?
  5. What contingency plans should we have in place to address any potential challenges that may impact attendee engagement during the event? 
  6. How can we delegate responsibilities among our team members & partners to enhance attendee interaction and engagement during the event?

OKAY - honest question! How did these questions make you feel?

  • EXCITED because you think you can use them to create an awesome event?
  • Or STRESSED because you’re already planning 325325 other things, so how are you supposed to do all of this, too?

Either way, we don’t believe you should have to do this alone. 

Event engagement is our specialty, and what so many organizations have trusted us with over the years.  it’s our mission to equip and empower YOU to create events that people love. We want to help you say GOODBYE to boring events (because no thanks!) and HELLO to experiences that leave a lasting impact on everyone in attendance. 

From small, intimate gatherings like team meetings or leadership retreats, to massive gatherings like conferences or company-wide functions…we really do believe that every “event” can be transformed into an experience that people remember.

But don’t just take our word for it, here’s what Marc says about the engagement at their recent event…

“Billy Boughey served as emcee for the Boys & Girls Clubs of America's 2024 Power of Partnerships Summit. His dynamic energy, engaging presence, and seamless facilitation elevated the event, fostering an atmosphere of excitement and participation among our attendees. Billy and the Elevate Experiences team helped ensure that the summit provided a unique and memorable experience for our partners.”

If you want to leave your next event feeling like a total rockstar (and see everyone else doing the same), it would be our joy to help! 

CLICK HERE to learn more about our partnership services - from emceeing to keynote talks to helping you plan your event from start to finish…we can help you make sure no detail slips through the cracks. We can’t wait to hear from you soon!


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