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Fostering Trust and Transparency on Your Team: How to do it!

Calling all leaders!  Psst: that’s you! Yep, even if your job title isn’t necessarily one of traditional “leadership”, you are still definitely a leader. We all are!  Today we’re excited...

Calling all leaders! 

Psst: that’s you! Yep, even if your job title isn’t necessarily one of traditional “leadership”, you are still definitely a leader. We all are! 

Today we’re excited to share what Elevate’s Founder and CEO, Billy Boughey, has found to be two important pillars of operating a successful business: Trust and transparency. 

Now, we know what you may be thinking…out of ALL the important aspects of business out there (financials, marketing, sales, etc), these are what we’re considering to be “most” important!?

The answer is a resounding YES, and here’s why: trust and transparency are instrumental in creating a high-performing and harmonious team…which impacts all of the things mentioned above, and ultimately the overall success of your business. 

Now, this blog is beneficial for anyone because again, we’re all leaders and all have the opportunity to influence our team and company. But if you’re a CEO, team leader, or anyone who does have a specific leadership role within your organization, we really hope you’ll dive into this content and take it to heart! 


The truth is, while trust and transparency are vital, it can be tricky to figure out HOW to implement them into your organization. It often begs the question…Can I instill these pillars into my company culture and still maintain a strong level of professionalism? This is a natural concern, and we’ve got answers to soothe any hesitations you may have. It all comes down to leading by example. 

In other words, YOU, as a leader, have the opportunity to SHOW what it looks like to foster trust and transparency. You can exhibit the “hows” (which we’ll get into a bit more below), so that those underneath you naturally begin doing the same. Sound simple? Well, it kind of is!

The bottom line is this: Fostering trust and transparency in your team starts from the top down. 

With this in mind, let’s unpack a few simple ways you can do this on a practical level.

  • SHARE INFORMATION. We’re not saying you have to share EVERYTHING, but we are saying you should share more than you probably are. A perfect example of this is letting team members have a closer look at your company’s PnL statement or other financial data that gives them insight into that aspect if your business. If the thought of sharing this information makes you cringe, that’s probably even more so a sign that it could be a healthy thing for your culture! Letting your team into this space enhances their ownership mentality, which is HUGELY impactful for the health of your culture. It might be a bit uncomfortable, but you can start small and increase the way you do this over time. And hey, financials are just one piece of the pie. Consider other “insider” or “leadership only” information you can invite team members into (even if it’s just a little bit) that will help them feel more connected to the organization as a whole. 

  • EMPOWER & DELEGATE. No matter the size of your business, there is almost always a temptation to control or hold too tightly to certain tasks, projects, or responsibilities within your team. This is especially true for small businesses (where our entrepreneurs at!?), but we’ve seen it within even the largest companies, as well! Empowering team members and delegating tasks that they wouldn’t normally expect is a GREAT way to build trust. This doesn’t mean adding more work to their plate “just because”. Rather, it means inviting them to work on a project that is “outside their pay grade” (we recommend removing this from your company’s vocab, btw) or just really important. Know what will happen? Those team members will literally FEEL your trust, they’ll bust their butts to make magic happen, and they’ll be more bought in than ever before. So check your grip on things you’re working on - and ask yourself who on your team you could empower to help! 

  • BE VULNERABLE. Alright, maybe a little more cringe headed your way. But truly, gone are the days when vulnerability isn’t cool. In fact, it’s “cooler” than ever to be AUTHENTIC. And as a leader, you have the opportunity to do that every single day. Let team members know when you’re having a hard day. Let them know what’s stressing you. Let them know how they can support you. Invite them into your personal life (within reason, of course). Because can we let you in on a little something? Humans like humans. And when we can all be a little bit more human, trust will increase like never before. Plus, being vulnerable takes the guesswork out of your team members wondering why you’re in a bad mood which, let’s be honest, does the OPPOSITE of building trust. 

  • When you choose to lead with honesty, effective communication, collaboration, and connection, you will establish a culture that encourages and thrives on trust and transparency. As a result, your team will flourish, relationships will strengthen, and productivity will elevate like never before. Fostering trust and transparency in your team takes time, effort, and willingness - but the rewards are far worth it! 

    Need help navigating this topic within your team? CLICK HERE to connect with our team of culture-building experts. We’d love to hear from you!


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