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How to Experience Breakthrough with Your Team in 2023

Are you heading into the finally month of Q1 2023 hoping that it will be the best year your company has ever had? As we’re sure you know, this requires...

Are you heading into the finally month of Q1 2023 hoping that it will be the best year your company has ever had? As we’re sure you know, this requires much more than crossing your fingers and hoping for the best. In fact, a year of record-breaking success goes far beyond the things you might imagine - things like financial goals, marketing, and new products. 

The root of your company’s chance of experiencing exponential growth in 2023 comes down to one thing: your team. 

Your team - their connectivity, satisfaction, productivity, and more - is what everything stems from. 

DID YOU KNOW - employees who are engaged and satisfied within their roles are more likely to stick around? And of course, higher retention = more success for your business! 

Now perhaps you’re wondering - “if this is true, how do we get intentional with our teams?” Keep reading! 👀⬇️

Elevate’s 2023 word of the year is breakthrough, and we’ll be sharing more on this in different aspects of life/business over the next 12 months. Today, we’re excited to share 5 specific ways to experience breakthrough as a team in 2023. 

Because if you can experience breakthrough as a team, you will be much more likely to experience it in your company as a whole. You know those glass ceilings that have made their presence known? You know those limits you haven’t been able to surpass? You know those goals you’ve been dreaming of reaching? You know that celebration you want to have in December of 2023, looking back at the best year ever? 

It all starts here.


So if you’re ready to experience breakthrough with your team in 2023, try the following:


Say goodbye to the past. Pssst: The past is well, the past! So why are you still living in it? That might sound a bit harsh, but it can be really easy to revert back to old habits, methods, and more. In an effort to evolve and grow, we must be willing to leave the “old” behind, and step into the future! This is both in a literal sense and it’s also a mindset game…because what we say is what we will believe! Try eliminating saying things like ‘we’ve always done it this way, etc. Ask yourself/your team: What old habits would it benefit us to leave behind in 2023?

Take Inventory of Systems and Patterns. CRMs, accounting, communication, planning, project management…we’ve got a system for everything these days! We recently performed an internal audit of all the passwords we have at Elevate, and what we discovered is that there are a lot of systems that we’re simply not using anymore. They may have served a greater purpose at a prior time, but now they’re just clogging things up and existing as a distraction. So consider eliminating what’s not working anymore. Ask yourself/your team: What systems do we have that we’re not consistently using? Are there any systems that can be consolidated? 

Set the vision and keep revisiting it. If you’re leading a team and taking time to communicate vision to those who report to you - well done! You already earn major kudos, because communicating vision is HUGELY important when it comes to keeping your team aligned and connected. But here’s a little secret - once is not enough. Taking time for this at the beginning of the year is great, but the power comes when you continue revisiting it. How you do this is, of course, totally up to you…but we recommend you revisit vision monthly, quarterly, or heck…even weekly! A great way to level up with this is to post your vision in shared spaces, on internal communications systems, etc. Ask yourself/your team: How can we keep the vision top of mind? 

Plan intentional time as a team. If your team meetings have become a bit of a snooze fest, you’re not alone. Or maybe you’ve decided to cut back on them or cancel them altogether because they just weren’t feeling productive. Here’s the truth: consistent meetings are valuable for reasons far beyond what’s on the agenda. Sure, topics for discussion are important, but what’s more important is getting everyone together in one place (even on a screen). If you’re having a hard time coming up with ideas for connection, drop us a line and/or try using an Elevate Icebreaker to spice things up. Planning intentional time together as a team includes team meetings, social gatherings, retreats, and more. Isolation isn’t ever really a good thing when it comes to growing as a team. Ask yourself/your team: What are some new ways we can gather and/or connect as a team this year? 


Decide how you’ll grow. Gathering as a team is great for connection and consistency, but a great way to enhance the culture and evolution within your team is growing together. Here at Elevate, we choose one book at a time to read together! Books like Business Made Simple and The Slight Edge have brought new ideas, new connection, and a lot of fruit to our team. Spending time during each week’s team meeting unpacking a chapter or two at a time is a great way to move towards breakthrough. Individual growth + team growth = total explosion (the good kind)! Other great ways to implement growth into your team culture include retreats, podcasts, and more. Ask yourself/your team: How can we grow together as a team this year? What books or podcasts can we read/listen to that align with our goals/vision?

Listen - we know you’re setting out in the world to do amazing things. SUCCESS for you means getting to impact more people with your products/services! We are cheering you on, and believing that 2023 will be a year for the books. 

And remember - when things start to get crazy, feel chaotic, or you’re downright confused, come back to this: it all starts with your team

*Insider tip: Go ahead and spend time unpacking all of these topics by yourself and then with your team! Be proactive by putting things on the calendar, and get ready to have an amazing year of breakthrough. 

Need help with company culture or planning your next great event? 

Give us a shout! We’d love to help. 


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