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One Company, Two Great Events

There are many unique ways to cater to a larger group of people - even virtually - and our recent event with Wildsparq is a great example!

Here we are - Spring of 2023 and if we’re being honest, there’s still a little bit of uncertainty when it comes to virtual events! Questions like - What if the power goes out? What if wifi loses connection? How do we make people engage? Will people even participate? And if you’ve ever found yourself asking any of these questions, we can assure you that you are not alone. In fact, one of our favorite things to do here at Elevate Experiences is not only tell our clients how amazing, impactful, and engaging virtual events can be but more importantly, show them! 


Now maybe you’re thinking “Sure, sounds great. But what if we have a really large team/group and there’s no way we can engage with all of them at once…OR get one date on the calendar that works for everyone”. 

Well, you can put a checkmark in that box as well because there are many unique ways to cater to a larger group of people - even virtually - and our recent event with Wildsparq is a great example!

Wildsparq is a leadership development platform dedicated to helping leaders grow both personally and professionally. We’ve had the honor of joining forces with Wildsparq for over X years, specifically helping them launch their program with new clients through “kickoff” experiences! The purpose of these fun events is to set the stage for how Wildsparq works and how it will impact the organizations and people they serve. 

One of our favorite things about partnering with Wildsparq is how they truly care for every single person they work with. We’ve hosted more events with them than we can count, and the way they specifically support each of their clients allows us to cater an experience that is unique to them. Our recent kickoff with Wildsparq and their newest client, Greenpoint AG was no different. 

What stood out the most about this new Wildsparq client was their intentionality with their team. Rather than picking any ol’ date for a kickoff experience and hoping people would show up, they chose TWO dates at different times to ensure that as many team members would have the opportunity to attend as possible. Now that’s a great example of how to make nearly 500 employees feel valued. 

Knowing this, we worked closely with the team at Wildsparq to develop a run of show (aka an event schedule) that would be 100% replicable for two identical events so that everyone would have an equal experience. The run of show included moments of connection, a word from the Greenpoint AG CEO, instructional/educational time from the Wildsparq team, and of course…lots of FUN! 

Ultimately, the success of these two virtual events can be summarized in one word: leadership. And if you’re thinking that sounds a little cliché since we’re talking about leadership development, hang with us. Because one of the most powerful things that happened at both of these events is that everyone showed up - including Jeff Blair, CEO of Greenpoint AG! Jeff chose to lead by example - showing up not once but twice to engage with his team and express the importance of helping them grow. 


Just like Wildsparq Account Executive, Hampton Dortch, shared at the beginning of these events, Craig Groschel said it best - “If a leader isn’t growing, disaster is imminent!”



So to all of our leaders out there (and PS - everyone is a leader)...

  • How are you proactively thinking for your team? 
  • What are you implementing to instill growth? 
  • How are you showing up consistently? 
  • Are you injecting FUN into your culture?

If you want to learn more about Wildsparq’s world-class leadership development and how they can help your organization grow, click here! 

And if you’re ready to say goodbye to boring events, let’s connect! Click here to book a call with Elevate Experiences!

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