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Our #1 Event Tip that ALWAYS Applies

Can we let you in on something? After hosting thousands of events over the past 11 years, a lot of people ask what our “top event tip is.” And while...

Can we let you in on something? After hosting thousands of events over the past 11 years, a lot of people ask what our “top event tip is.” And while there’s most definitely a lot we could say in response, like…

Have the right music at the right time 

Be prepared 

Think through every detail 

Always do a run-through

it really does all come down to ONE specific tip. 

Seriously! Believe it or not, and despite the plethora of tips that help bring an event to life, the answer to this common question is easy - because it never changes. 

Our ABSOLUTE, 1 million percent, always the same, NUMBER ONE tip for planning remarkable experiences is this: Be a fantastic question-asker. 

Boom. That’s it! 

Now, maybe you’re thinking “Oookay, but what questions am I supposed to be asking…and WHEN?” 

Not to worry, fellow event lover. We’ve got your back - keep reading to learn the ins and outs of being a fantastic question-asker! 

Why is being a fantastic question answer important? 

This is a great question! See what we did there? 😏

Because of course, it’s important to know WHY asking questions is such an important part of planning great experiences. Being a fantastic question-asker not only positions you in a posture of service and humility (which we all want to do when partnering with others), but it also equips you to…

  • Fill in ALL the gaps 
  • Understand the vision 
  • Specify details 
  • Show you care
  • Learn new (and often improved) ways to do things 
  • …and so much more!

By asking intentional, meaningful questions, you will find yourself being MORE prepared than if you simply spent your time checking off the same cookie-cutter list that you’ve used in the past. 

Psst: we want to be sure and point out that there is nothing wrong with having a list. In fact, being prepared with a “tried and true” checklist is always a great idea! What we’re saying is that lists and questions make for a powerful duo.

Bottom line: Asking questions will help you feel confident and prepared and will help you strengthen your relationship with those you’re working with. 

What questions are best to ask when planning an experience?

Remember back in grade school when teachers would always say “No question is a bad question”? The same applies here! Well, for the most part. You certainly want to avoid questions that may come off as rude, abrasive, or give off a “duh, you should know that vibe.” 

Because, well, that’s not what we’re about around here, and we know you’re not either 💛

In general, questions will ALWAYS help you build and strengthen relationships, and will help you perform at a higher level and with more excellence. 

Here’s what we mean - asking good questions takes “assumption” out of any equation, which is well received when working with others. 

For example - instead of saying “I know you used this A/V setup at last year’s experience, so you’re probably using them again.” 

Try saying “I remember the great people at ______ A/V company we worked with last year. Should we expect to see them again this year? If yes, would it be okay if we reach out to connect and express our excitement?” 

In this example, you can see that while you’re still making a point to show that you remember important details from a previous experience, you’re not assuming it will be the same. 

This is just one example of a LOT of possibilities, so here’s our recommendation: when you’re meeting with a client, production team, your team, or anyone else involved with bringing an experience to life, use “question-asking” as a filter. Take time to pause and think about if what you’re about to say would be better positioned as a question, rather than a statement. 

Of course, there are a few favorite questions that we almost always ask here at Elevate. 

⭐️Here are our top two:

  • What do you want people to feel when they leave your experience? 
  • What do you want people to remember when they leave your experience? 

When is the best time to ask questions when planning an experience? 

Short answer here, friends: ALWAYS! Generally speaking, from the moment you hop onto an initial planning call, to the very end of an experience, any time is a great time to ask a meaningful question. 

Okay, so you probably don’t want to ask a keynote speaker what their favorite restaurant is 90 seconds before they walk onto stage. But - asking them something like “is there anything else you need to feel ready?” as they’re getting mic’d up is a great way to make sure they feel taken care of. 

When it comes to the timing of being a fantastic question-asker, put yourself in the receiver’s shoes. How would you receive the question in the time you’re going to ask it if you were them? This tip will help you discern if/when it’s an appropriate time to ask a question. 

Because remember - the goal here is to make sure you NAIL the details, and that everyone you’re working with feels confident and equipped.

A few times to always be prepared with a list of meaningful questions to ask: 

  • Initial planning call 
  • During rehearsals / run-throughs 
  • Right when the event ends
  • During any debrief calls 


We hope this helps you feel geared up and ready to start becoming a fantastic question-asker! 

We have learned through years of experience that curiosity always wins. 

So give it a try! Practice asking powerful questions and watch the goodness unfold! 

If you’re planning an experience and would like some help understanding WHAT, WHEN, and HOW to be a fantastic question-asker, we’d love to help! Send us a DM on Instagram @eventspeoplelove. We can’t wait to hear from you! 


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