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The Secret to Managing Event Logistics - Everything You Need to Know

What’s the BEST event you’ve ever attended?    Seriously…think about it for a second.   Maybe it was a corporate retreat on a tropical island. Or maybe it was a...

What’s the BEST event you’ve ever attended? 


Seriously…think about it for a second.


Maybe it was a corporate retreat on a tropical island. Or maybe it was a show on the Taylor Swift Eras Tour which is sweeping the nation. 

Whatever it was, and however big/small it may have been, there’s one thing we can guarantee: a LOT of planning went into making it the grand slam event you experienced.  

This may seem like a no-brainer, but it may surprise you how many people who aren’t in the event business don’t really understand the level of preparation it takes to create an experience that is top-notch. One that leaves its attendees feeling thought for, energized, and whatever else the hosts/producers want them to walk away feeling. 

Here at Elevate, there’s a phrase that is literally a part of our daily vocabulary: 


We believe that it all boils down to being PREPARED. To thinking through the details – every last one of them…especially the ones most people don’t even think about! 

The secret to managing this hefty level of event planning and logistics? 

Our trusted friend, the Run of Show (ROS for short, because who doesn’t love a good nickname).

Now maybe you’re wondering “Umm, what is THAT?” or “I thought that was something they use in Broadway musicals?” 

If so, no sweat. Many people aren’t quite sure what a run of show is, or how vital it is when it comes to the success of ANY event. Seriously – having a run of show can even help you host the most baller dinner party you’ve ever had. 

In a nutshell, a RUN OF SHOW is a document that lays out the entire plan of an event including timing, speakers, A/V, and a myriad of other details. There are a lot of ways to put this together and a multitude of things that can be included. 

Here’s a VERY broad/high-level list of what we think about when we’re building the perfect ROS: 

    • Timing - down to the minute & second 
    • Transitions - there are a lot of them
    • Audio/Visual - what’s on the screen and what’s coming through the speakers?
    • People - speakers, the production team, hosts, wait staff, and more 
    • Engagement - how is the crowd participating? 
    • Supplies - what’s needed throughout each moment? 
    • Signage - how do people know where to go? 
    • And so much more…

Now here’s the thing - as you can see from the “teaser” paired with each item, they all have a slue of other sub-items that fall underneath them. 

SUSHI is a food that has a bunch of stuff in it to make it, well, sushi… fish, rice, avocado, etc, right? It’s kind of like that. There are a lot of things that go into making sure each thing is 100%…and in lock step with the next. 

The point is, it’s important to think through each category of your ROS with extreme attention to detail. 

During the 2022 Winter Olympics, Chinese American freestyle skier Eileen Gu would close her eyes at the top of each run and physically mock through every single move she was about to make. Similarly, when we’re building a ROS for a client, we take it one piece at a time and mentally imagine ourselves in that moment of the event. 

    • What’s happening?
    • Who’s involved?
    • Is there music?
    • What’s the vibe?
    • What about transitions? 
    • And so on…

Eileen went on to be a gold medalist in the Olympics, and the SAME will be the case for you if you decidedly focus on each piece of your event with focus and intention. 

Not to toot our own horn, but we really love the look we get to see on clients’ faces when they see the ROS we’ve built with them for their event. It is a joy and honor to see their shoulders relax, and even to hear an audible sigh of relief as they realize that every single detail has been thought of for them. 

The bottom line is this: You can absolutely produce a rockin’ event if you choose to use the tips and insight shared in this blog. But frankly, you shouldn’t have to do it alone!

Thinking through EVERY event to ensure your event is smooth, fun, and everything you hoped it would be is literally our favorite thing to do - and we’d love to help! 

If this sounds like something you would benefit from, give us a shout by clicking here. 

And let us know your response to the question at the beginning of this blog (what’s the best event you’ve ever attended, and why) in the comments below! 


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