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Travel Playlist: You’re the DJ

You’ve got a long road trip ahead and you want to be fully prepared to take the lead on aux. This is a chance for you to show how much...

You’ve got a long road trip ahead and you want to be fully prepared to take the lead on aux. This is a chance for you to show how much you care about your friends and their interests by creating a fully rounded playlist for the people in your car. This will also help you gain trust and credibility within your friend group.

We’ve got some tips to help you with this big responsibility:

1. Always gauge your audience. Start out safe and ask a few questions at the beginning to get a feel for what your audience wants to listen to. This will help you throughout the ride to ‘popcorn’ songs that are similar to one another.

2. If someone asks you to play a song, definitely say yes, while also using their suggestion as an opportunity to queue up a similar song in the same genre. Your friends will respect you for queueing their song, and for giving them a new find!

3. Respect the queue. As a general rule, always respect the queue. Use your best judgement to deviate from the queue, but for the most part, stay on track. This will allow everyone’s requests to be played throughout the ride.

4. Don’t be selfish. When it comes to the queue, mix things up! Don’t just queue ten songs in a row that only you want to hear. People will quickly become annoyed that the song they asked you to play is somewhere lost at the bottom of the queue, and that’s just not fair for the other passengers.

5. Music fosters relationships. Ultimately, listen to your audience and you’re going to be just fine. Remember that the real reason behind the long road trip is to engage with your friends and have meaningful conversations. Find a way to balance your DJ responsibilities and your friendships to make the most out of your time on the trip.

But how could all of this relate to team culture?

Just like everyone has a distinct and unique music taste, the same goes for individual personalities.

Every team member in our office has their own specific strengths and talents, weaknesses, decision-making processes, and natural instincts. By understanding, acknowledging, and respecting each person, we are able to facilitate a healthy team culture within our office. This helps us gauge our audience, say yes to new ideas, and make suggestions based off of natural instincts.

In what ways does your team culture parallel with DJ responsibilities?

Bonus! Here are some solid songs to get you started:

1.Kamikaze – MO

2.Old town road remix – Lil Nas X & Billy Ray Cyrus

3.Sunflower – Post Malone

4.Talk – Khalid

5.Summer days – Martin Garrix

6.Okay – LANY & Julia Michaels

7.New eyes – CBDB

8.Give a little – Maggie Rogers

9.Make it happen – John Splithoff

10.Halfway up – The Brook and the Bluff


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