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Why Family First Chooses ELEVATE, Year After Year

Here at Elevate relationships are, well, pretty much everything to us.  Why?  There are a lot of reasons, but for starters, there’s nothing like… Pulling up to an event site...

Here at Elevate relationships are, well, pretty much everything to us. 


There are a lot of reasons, but for starters, there’s nothing like…

  • Pulling up to an event site (even at 5 or 6 am) and feeling fired up about what’s about to go down. 
  • Seeing the person you’ve been emailing with nonstop since last year’s event(s) in person and getting to give them a big ol’ hug. 
  • Having conversations with your own new team members and sharing the enthusiasm about the people you’re getting ready to serve at the event. 

And of course, there are many general benefits to working with partners who you have a deep, long-standing relationship with, such as trust and understanding of personalities, brands, communication, and more. 

When we thought about a great example of how important relationships are to us, there were a lot of faces and brands that came to mind…because we get to work with so many great ones! 

But here’s where we landed…

You know the people in your life who, while perhaps not blood-related, truly do feel like family? 

This perfectly explains how we feel about one of our longest-term clients, Family First. 

For several years, our team at Elevate has had the honor of working alongside the team at Family First to bring their All Pro Dad Experiences to life. These events, curated specifically for fathers and their kids, are designed to create deeper connections within families and strengthen their relationships. Pretty baller, right? 

We totally agree. 

We’ve produced over 30 of these incredible experiences, and through the years, have been so thankful for how our relationship with the All Pro Dad has truly become one that feels like family.

When we first started working with the team at All Pro Dad, Elevate was only a couple of years old (hard to believe)! Fast forward many years and many great events, and we’re beyond thankful for such a remarkable partnership.

But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what Alison McPherson from the All Pro Dad team has to say about what it looks like to work with Elevate…

Elevate represents our brand so well, and we truly serve as “one” on the day of the event! One of the many reasons we trust Elevate is because of their ability and willingness to learn from experiences, as well as take feedback from one experience and apply it to the next. Working with Elevate gives me confidence because of the way they engage with the crowd AND share key messages - no matter how big or small!” 

Alison went on to share…

“There have been MANY instances where Elevate has had to think on their feet during a live All Pro Dad Experience. Scenarios that have impressed me this year are; shifting event start time from morning to evening less than a week before the Clemson event, quick rain decisions in Tampa during station rotations, re-engaging hot and tired dads and kids at the closing of events with creative games or interactions that were un-scripted…I could go on! 

I also love our brainstorming sessions before event season where the team brings fresh perspectives + ideas to improve (i.e. the new block wall activation). There is never a concern in my mind when I have the Elevate team locked in + supporting the All Pro Dad team.

To be honest, it’s tricky to share things like this because the last thing we want to do is toot our own horn. But the point of this blog is to display in a very direct way how we truly DO care about the people we work with (including you)...and also to encourage you to invest in the relationships in YOUR corner!

How can you take care of those you serve? 

How can you under promise and over-deliver? 

How can you “wow” your clients, customers, and others in your circle? 

It’s a JOY and HONOR to get to do what we do - and can we let you in on a little secret? Feeling “family level” with us doesn’t take very long 🤗 We’ll be thick as thieves from the second you connect with our team! 

So if you’re needing a little boost when it comes to planning your next event, or just want to further build your network of great partnerships - click here to drop us a line! We can’t wait to connect. 


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