Feb 19, 2018

What are Value Vlogs?

To start off the new year, our team is so excited to challenge you as we focus on some of, what we think, are quality values. Here at the office, we have a deck of what is called our Elevate value cards, that define and emphasize values we hold near to our heart and strive to implement daily. As we’ve been dreaming of new ways to add value to you this year, instead of just handing over a resource, we want to talk through some of these values with you all year, every month, through our Value Vlogs!

We are ecstatic to dive into and implement alongside you, 12 values that might be core to our culture posted on the wall or ones we simply want to remember and refocus on as we take ground in 2018. From balance to bravery, service to simplicity, you will hear a range of words that we dream of embracing with you.


Watch the intro video here, if you missed January’s Value Vlog on bravery, check it out, and make sure to subscribe to stay up to date on the values to come!



being bound emotionally or intellectually to a course of action, dedication


Resolutions vs. Commitment

Of course, we would bring up commitment in a series of values we want to implement in 2018, right? At the beginning of every year, we resolve to work out more and eat less, write more letters and call friends more often – it’s what we do, we make resolutions…and then, unfortunately, more often than not, we break them.


Just two months into the year, you will be relieved to know that we’re not talking about resolutions, rather, we’re talking about commitment. You might ask, “what’s the difference?” Resolutions are just “a formal expression of an opinion or intention made,” but commitment is “to give in trust or charge; to pledge oneself to a position.” If you’ve seen the recent Allstate commercial, you’ve gathered from Mayhem, “resolutions are meant to be broken.” In other words, resolutions are just an expression of intention, like, “I need to lose weight, so I should eat better and exercise more.” But a commitment is the pledge – a.k.a., “a solemn promise or agreement” – to do so. Such as, “In order to lose weight, I have decided to set boundaries and create schedules in order to eat better and exercise more.”


When a couple gets married, at that point, they aren’t just expressing the intention to wed, they are committing to each other – they are pledging until death do they part. You’ve heard it said, “you don’t fall in love, you commit to it.”


Snowboard kind of commitment

Take Shaun White, professional snowboarder, and three-time Olympic gold medalist, for example. Most people have heard his name in the last couple weeks because he has now set multiple records, including being the first snowboarder to win three golds as well as winning the 100th gold medal of all time for the U.S. in the Winter Olympics. Most people have heard the headlines of multiple gold medals, but not as many have realized the journey he took to get here.


White came on the Olympic scene at just 19 years old in 2006, earning his first gold. He came back 4 years later to win his second, but the following Sochi Olympics ended in a fourth-place finish. While training last October, White busted his face wide open on the halfpipe, resulting in 62 stitches just months before the 2018 Winter Olympics. Not only did Shaun White come back and try out for this year’s Olympic events after a below-par performance last round, but he decided to do so after a brutal injury and…get a perfect score. White’s flawless 100 at the Snowmass tryouts sent him into his fourth Olympics, resulting in what we now know as his third gold medal.


If that most recent 12-year span of his journey isn’t enough evidence of the fruit of hardcore commitment, take his childhood background into consideration. Shaun White came from humble beginnings, overcoming childhood struggles including two surgeries for a heart defect and braces as a result of bow-leggedness. At the age of 6, White began to pursue his passion and his parents, recognizing his potential, consistently supported him every weekend and with up to $20,000 a year. They even traveled and lived out of a van named “Big Mo,” fixing meals in the back and his mom waited tables as she transported him back and forth to board. In addition to his parents’ support, White’s coach has persistently pushed him to aim higher rather than play it safe, resulting in the greatest run of snowboard halfpipe history.


Boardroom kind of commitment

Okay, so what does this level of commitment have to do with business and what does it mean for you personally? Well, it’s the same. No, you might not be risking your face on a halfpipe or working towards a gold medal, but the similarity comes in the fact that you don’t just wake up and suddenly change the world. We don’t fall into our dreams or success, we have to commit to running after it. In fear of failure, in injury or setback, we have to cross over from merely stating our hopes to actually pledging our all into achieving it.


Think about the passions, dreams, and projects that you’ve merely expressed intention of pursuing. Those passions are there because they matter, and your dreams consume your head because they’re worth doing. If it’s already naturally oozing out of your soul, why not chase it? Shaun White’s parents supported him and his superiors pushed him, but he committed to the passion — he alone chose to get back up, to try again, and to set a higher bar. Whether this year you’re fighting to get back up in the midst of a dream drought, or you’re ecstatic to reach new heights through what might be your best dream yet, our team is in your corner. We have high hopes that in whatever your heart is bursting forth, you’ll step out in bravery and make a promise to yourself that you’ll chase it.

If you’d like help figuring out how to best work toward your dreams, goals, or success, let us know! We can work alongside you to discover your natural instincts, allowing you to better know how to move forward when working on projects, problem-solving, or your list of to-do’s.

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