Elevate Careers

Do you have a passion for creating remarkable experiences? Do you appreciate working hard and collaborating with a team? Are you eager to be developed as a leader, while helping people live and lead at a higher level?

Elevate Experiences may be the place for you! Our goal is to hire leaders who are looking to add value to our clients, while serving with joy, vigor, and excellence. Positions at Elevate will always require that team members are continually growing personally and professionally. Elevate team members will gain experience by working alongside Elevate team members, participating in various experiences and interacting with our clients.


  • Embodies our values: Relationships, Remark-ability, Enthusiasm, Initiative, Bravery
  • Remains positive and flexible in all circumstances
  • Has the ability to hit deadlines, manage time well, and execute projects
  • Demonstrates professionalism and mature communication skills
  • Works productively with and without a team
  • Wants to develop personally and professionally as a leader
  • Likes to work hard and is excited to add value to Elevate

Positions Available & How to Apply: 

Event Coordinator   Part-time or full-time available 

Sales Coordinator    Part-time or full-time available 

Experience Coordinator    Part-time or full-time available 

Business Development Coordinator   Part-time or full-time available

To view all job descriptions and apply, please click here.


Schedule Expectations:

Team members can either work from our office in Norcross, Georgia or from home in a different city. Full-time roles are expected to work 40 hours a week, Monday-Friday. Part-time roles are expected to work anywhere from 20-30 hours a week, between Monday-Friday. All team members should be available during our office hours (9a-4p EST), and full-time team members should work earlier / later than office hours to complete 40 hours a week. Keep in mind that all Elevate team members should expect to participate in Elevate events. These events may occur during weekday nights or on weekends. Please stay flexible and be ready to serve.

Development Opportunities:

Elevate team members will receive development opportunities and professional experience. Team members will work on projects for some of our most important clients, while learning more about the innovation process. Each team member will receive a professional development book that the team will read together, and have various growth opportunities. In addition, all Elevate team members will complete various wiring assessments and have discussions with their team about how their wiring makes them unique.


Team members are encouraged to be active and engaged participants in the Elevate culture. Elevate will provide culture opportunities throughout the year that all team members are encouraged to participate in.

Thank you for your interest in becoming an Elevate team member! If you have any other questions, please contact Katie Bersinger at

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