Choices & Changing Leaves

Sep 27, 2019

As the seasons change, so do the leaves, and if you’re anything like us, you probably want to collect all the beautiful colors that come from the changing seasons. 

Sean Specie, our Chief Strategy Officer, once said the phrase “the choices we make in the seasons we’re in,” meaning, how do our choices affect our outcomes? As leaders and innovators, we have the opportunity to express ourselves in various ways every day. The choices we make, however, are what define us and become our platform of influence. 

In this new season, we want to provide you with some inspiration to make empowering choices that encourage your team.


Have no fear

At Elevate, we define bravery as, “ we often overcome and are out of our comfort zone.” We constantly encourage our team to step out to try new things and grow in their positions. This looks different for each person, which also gives us a chance to let our team lean into their creativity. 


Tune Out the Noise

It can be easy to get distracted from tasks at work, in our personal lives, and in chasing our dreams. Take this as a simple reminder to tune out the noise that comes from this season. Tune out all of the little voices in your head that are distracting you and discouraging you from accomplishing the goals you set out to complete. 


Pause & Reflect

How often do you pause and reflect on what is going on around you? In our social media heavy world today, content is abundant, but how do you narrow in on what is important and what can be learned from? Take time to pause and reflect on the stories you’ve heard, pop culture, the news, and any other type of content you’re consuming. Think about what aspects of that content needs to be shared with others and what might apply to business or leadership. Odds are, if something stuck out to you, it will probably stick out to someone else. Moving experiences can only gain momentum and elicit influence on others once they are shared, rather than kept silent.


Take a minute this season to reflect back on notes you’ve taken, photos you’ve captured, and remember what inspired you in the first place. Influence is defined as “the capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behavior of someone or something or the effect itself.” Think about your sphere of influence when it comes to your work and personal life, and how you can add value to your team by showcasing what you learn from your surroundings on a daily basis. 

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