How to Create a Positive Organizational Culture

Apr 6, 2017

Plywood People, a non-profit in Atlanta that leads a community of start-ups doing good, focuses on helping others build a culture fitting for their organization. This week, Plywood People featured Billy Boughey, Founder and President of Elevate, and his top 10 points on culture.

If you’ve been a part of a team, you know the impact culture has on the people, environment, and goals of an organization. At Elevate, we prioritize our company culture and view this as the most important metric in business. By allowing culture to determine our hiring process, business strategies, and scope of work, we design a team and environment that go hand-in-hand with our company vision.

Culture doesn’t happen by chance. It’s intentionally created and designed.

The Elevate culture is impacted by our five core values: relationships, remark-ability, enthusiasm, initiative, and bravery; and this might look something like:

  • Actively looking for ways to encourage others

  • Participating in team-wide book discussions

  • Welcoming ideas from all team members

  • Celebrating with confetti cannons

  • Attending relevant conferences

  • Greeting delivery drivers by name

  • Diving into leadership opportunities

  • Breaking into spontaneous dance parties when appropriate

  • Prioritizing team-building through activities and games

Head over to Plywood People’s blog to learn more about how to develop and maintain a positive culture (with tips for getting started!).

Huge thanks to Plywood People for featuring us on their #Plywords Journey!

A positive culture takes effort both to create and maintain, and our team is always looking for new ways to grow. Do you have any tips for building your organizational culture? Share with us in the comments below!

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