Elevate Photo Contest

May 2, 2017

National Photo Month

A 10 second history lesson


In 1987, Congress officially recognized the month of May as National Photo Month. To this day, many individuals and organizations take advantage of this opportunity to acknowledge and appreciate photography.

In honor of National Photo Month, we’re inviting you to compete in the Elevate Photo Challenge for a chance to win free Elevate Gear.

How does it work?

Share about your favorite event or experience, and what made it so special!

The rules are simple:

1. Submit a family friendly photo on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook by 11 am Friday, May 5 (Eastern Time).
2. Choose a photo that represents your favorite event or experience. Be creative!
3. Use the caption to tell us about your photo. What made that experience so great?
4. Use #activatingideas and tag us (on Instagram and Twitter use @elevateteam) (on Facebook use @elevateliveevents)
5. Sit back, relax, and wait for the winner to be announced this Friday.

How to win:

We’ll award one winner for each social media platform (Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook). The photo with the most likes wins!  *Participants must follow all above rules to win. 

Thanks for participating and good luck!

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