Elevate Summit 2020 | The Recap

Jun 12, 2020

If we had to boil the Elevate Summit down to one word, it would be renewed.


Within the many topics covered and conversations had, we were all able to take something away with a renewed sense of purpose to incorporate in our own lives. With 8 hours of content, 13 speakers, 211 attendees, and 4 sessions over the course of 2 days, the Elevate Summit was a milestone and a huge success for our team.


This event was a culmination of the authentic relationships our team has made over time. Billy Boughey, our Founder and President, curated a diverse group of incredible leaders and experts to spark continued conversations around the new world of work. These conversations were exactly what we all needed as we approach our new normal.


As we reflect on the Elevate Summit, we wanted to share quotes from each of our speakers, so we can continue to learn from their perspectives.


Without further adieu…


“Is what you’re consuming actually consuming you?” – Lauren Schwab, 9 Steps to Help You Disconnect to Reconnect to You


“Make sure we listen with our heart and not just our head.” – William Warren, What Type of Listener Are You?


“Do we passively sit back and let change happen, or do we let it help us grow?” – Sam Collier, A Greater Story


“From a cultural perspective and leadership perspective, how can we listen a little more to our people?” – Jason Anthoine, Organizational Culture Q&A


“We need to adapt to virtual events even when in-person events return.” – Pedro Goes, The Future of Events


“Belongship: without community, you are simply a commodity.” – Sangram Vajre, Belongship


“Do something personal, do something fun, do something intentional, and do the work.” – Sean Specie, How to Lead Your Team Over the Internet


“I’ve learned the importance of the present.” – Valyn Turner, The New World of School Q&A


“Less posts. More dialogue.” – Jeff Henderson, What are you FOR?


“The greatest blessing of being present in times of uncertainty is that you can take a step back and really evaluate who you are and where you are going.” – Rennie Curran, Race in the Workplace Q&A


“Don’t ‘should’ yourself. Just be willing to be authentic and not worry about doing it perfectly.” – Jen Gottlieb, The Power of PR & Growing Your Brand


“Always make sure you’re listening to your community. Let that inform the content you’re creating.” – Katie Kern, Marketing & Social Media


“None of us have to regret the sign we missed, but pay attention to the sign in front of us today.” – Billy Boughey, 8 Ways to Elevate Your Next Summit


As we forge new paths and new routines, it’s important to reevaluate what worked in the past and what didn’t and to remember that change is a good thing. The Elevate Summit was a milestone for this season of work for us, and we’re happy to have shared it with so many others who wanted to navigate the new world of work together.



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