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From Live to Virtual: How to make virtual events engaging

When organizations gather people together, they are trying to accomplish one of three things: inspire, educate, or equip.

Due to COVID-19 and the shift to a digital culture, we are all challenged to reimagine how we inspire, educate, or equip our employees or customers during this time.

Situations outside of our control force us to make changes to our plans for events, gatherings, and meetings. CPR is a helpful acronym our team created that will guide you through the options to consider when making changes.

C = Cancel
P = Postpone
R = Reimagine

Working backwards through CPR is the best way to answer the question, “What should I do about my large event or gathering?”

Ask yourself these questions:
Can I reimagine my large event or gathering to achieve the same goal of inspiring, educating, or equipping in a different format?
If my reimagined event in a different format doesn’t work, can I postpone my event?
If postponing doesn’t work or make sense for our goals, should I cancel now or wait to make the decision of cancellation?

Before canceling, focus on reimagining. To reimagine a gathering is a new way and a new perspective for people and organizations. It might be the best way to invest in your culture during this time.

If you’re looking to reimagine your event, keep reading. We are here for you.

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Let us introduce you to the Ultimate Virtual Event Toolbox

The Ultimate Virtual Event Toolbox is your one-stop-shop for planning and executing your own virtual event. We’ve covered all the bases for you – in the toolbox, you’ll find:

  • The Elevate Flight Plan: 25 pages of questions and fill-in-the-black spaces to help you plan your best event ever.
  • The DIY Experience Audit: A template to help you evaluate and improve each event to event. 
  • The Book My Ideal Speaker Checklist: The step-by-step guide to making sure your speakers show up on time
  • The Real-Time Social Media Checklist: A to-do list for your social media team to post during your event. 
  • The DJ Equipment Essentials Inventory: All the equipment you need to have for your DJ to plug in. 
  • The Comprehensive Speaker Email Templates: Book and give your speakers all the info they need.
  • The Effective Virtual Help Desk Setup: How to prepare an effective help desk for your virtual event. 
  • The #Blessed Speaker Gift Pack: What to include in a gift to make your presenters feel appreciated.
  • The Keynote Speaker Media Kit: A list of what to send your speakers to promote to their communities. 
  • How to Hire & Maximize A virtual Sketch Artist: A step-by-step guide with recommendations for your next event.

Let’s take it from the top: 3 things every virtual event needs

Here are 3 steps you must take to craft the Ultimate Online Experience:

Draw it up (the plan, logistics, technology)

Draw them in (the audience)

Draw it out (the beyond)

Draw it up – The plan

Planning every great experience starts with asking questions.

Here are some you might want to consider:

  • What do you want them to be thinking about when the experience is over?
  • How do you want them to feel?
  • What do you want them to be talking about?
  • What do you want them to remember?

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou


For a more comprehensive list of questions to consider before planning your event, download the Elevate Flight Plan. The Elevate Flight Plan is a digital download and a comprehensive document that outlines everything you should think about before executing an event. It will help your event take flight. This resource will help you fine-tune all logistics and experience elements needed to create a remarkable experience.

Click here to download the Elevate Flight Plan:

Let’s break it down a little further…

Plan out a minute by minute run of show + test the actuals

Give yourself margin:

  • 5 minutes before – Go live! This is a time where you can host a short, informal chat for those that are early, and get to know a few people that will be attending.
    • Break the ice by asking people to send their name and where they’re from in chat
    • Have people send emojis in chat
    • Bring someone on live
  • The first 5 minutes in – Welcome
    • Ask and answer the question, “Why are we doing this?” This will remind participants what they came to your event to learn and give them an overview of what to expect.
    • Ask and answer the question: “Who are you?” This will give participants an idea of what they can tangibly take away and use in their day-to-day. By applying content to real people, it gives the audience a reason to connect at the very beginning.

While it is important to be as prepared as possible, flexicution is also a skill needed in the event world, whether live or virtual. Flexicution is simply defined as the ability to be flexible with a strategy in order to execute a new plan effectively. That being said, allow curveballs to come your way. Catch them with a fun and lighthearted spirit, and keep the show going.

Have an idea in mind? We can help you draw up a plan. Schedule a FREE 30-minute strategy call with us to help you reimagine your event:

Draw them in  – The audience

When it comes to hosting events (virtual or digital), the most important aspect is always the people. It’s about drawing them in and aiming to inspire, educate, or equip. In it’s simplest form, it’s all about participation and interaction. 

“Be somebody who makes everybody feel like a somebody.” – Brad Montague

Here are just a few ways to engage and interact with your audience digitally:

  • Break the 4th wall – break down the barrier between you and the audience. Make yourself accessible by interacting with their comments in the chat and connecting personal stories.
  • Utilize the chat
  • Allow room for Q&A at the end
    • Sli.do is a great Q&A platform!
  • Utilize polls
    • Kahoot.it and Poll Everywhere are both great poll or quiz platforms!
  • Host an activity
    • You can easily ask your audience to participate in an activity. Ask an open-ended question and give them time to think about and write out their answer while you play a song in the background. Then, ask people to share some of their answers in the chat.
  • Game
  • Breakout rooms
    • Host different breakout sessions through different platforms, but make sure to record them to send to your audience later! They will appreciate the option to view sessions they couldn’t attend at a later time.
  • Virtual Networking
    • Provide a way to share contact info and encourage virtual networking!
  • Bring someone from the audience on the screen with you
  • Send quotes from the talk in chat
  • When it comes to content, think of ways you can partner with other organizations to maximize value
  • Make it personal, use statistics and stories

The content of your virtual event matters. We’re experts at strategizing and organizing content in a way that maximizes value for audience members. Schedule a FREE 30-minute strategy call with us to help you reimagine your event:

Draw it out  – The beyond

  • Beyond the event – Take a moment to think back to the focus of your virtual event. What do you want your viewers to start doing, stop doing, and continue doing? In order to create the opportunity for your virtual event to go far beyond when they click off screen, you need to have a call to action. Invite your audience to a group chat or informational page. You may even take this opportunity to introduce them to purchase a resource that could be beneficial for them.

Here are some examples of how to follow-up after a virtual event:


It’s always important to debrief with your team post-event. As you think through how the event went, think about how you can improve for your next event. Our DIY Experience Audit is designed to help you improve your event experience. It serves as a comprehensive examination or review of where an event is and a guide for where it can be in the future.

By using this worksheet, you will discover the best parts of an event and learn how to take your event to the next level.

Interested in downloading the DIY Experience Audit?


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Would you like our help creating a virtual experience? Schedule a FREE 30-minute strategy call with us to help you reimagine your event:

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Your next event starts now. Event planning is one of our sweet spots. Let’s make some magic.

Your next event starts now. Event planning is one of our sweet spots. Let’s make some magic.

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