February’s Experience Tracker is Live!

Feb 24, 2018

 *Click the red pins above!

The Experience Tracker

From New York to California, each month our team leads experiences all over the U.S., whether it’s activating a new restaurant across the country or a Kolbe wiring workshop here at our office. Experience Leaders, Project Leaders, Certified Wiring Consultants, and Event Assistants are just a few of our team members that travel nationwide to execute unique, world-class events with a variety of rock star clients.

We exist to help people and organizations live and lead at a higher level

We do this through events, leadership, consulting, and innovation, with an aim of creating remarkable experiences and positively impacting guests. Our experiences range anywhere from conferences to virtual reality workshops, leadership assessments, and team building events. Over time, we found that our family, friends, clients, and partners were curious where our team traveled each month. Last year, we launched a tracker to help show the activations we led and the cities we visited, and it’s back in 2018 to stay.

What is it?

Each month, you’ll find an Experience Tracker right here on the blog. It’s a fun, interactive way to see:

  •       where our team travels each month
  •       the incredible clients we’re partnering alongside
  •       the impactful experiences happening nationwide

How it works

The red pins on the map above represent the cities we’ve traveled this January. Click the pins to learn more about our team and the activations they’re leading.

This month up close

  • In just 28 days, we had the opportunity to lead over 35 experiences, ranging from the annual Atlanta Mission 5K Race to End Homelessness to an off-site VR To Go workshop with the Coca-Cola team.
  • February breaking news: After months of dreaming and preparation…*drumroll please*…More Than A Microphone, our online courses for emcees and communicators, were completely filmed! (Don’t worry, we’ve already shot off plenty of confetti cannons in celebration.) Over a two-day span, we partnered with PullSpark to bring these courses to life, and one huge step closer to YOU. We wholeheartedly believe these resources will allow you to hone your gifts and heighten your skills — sign up today!
  • Super Bowl weekend, a few of our team members had the opportunity to celebrate the game engaging with families at the NFL All Pro Dad Family Football Clinic in Minneapolis.
  • In other exciting news, we partnered with a brand new client this month, creating a memorable and engaging experience centered around the topic of change management for the Kroger team!
  • The farthest we traveled this February was Sacramento, California, where Nigel Wallace, Experience Leader, engaged the community through activating a Chick-fil-A Grand Opening across the states.
  • Our largest traveling team of the month was a group of six Elevate team members, who headed down to Miami, Florida, for the All Pro Dad Father & Kids Experience. This APD experience is the first this year to center around the new annual theme: Engage, where we got to break out the brand new block wall!

Tracking the celebrations

In addition to the pins on the map, February held plenty of team members and occasions to celebrate and lots of visitors and friends worth cueing the cannons.


Behind the office scene

We celebrated the 21st birthday of our Copywriter, Anna-Murphy Martin. We also applauded our Creative Director, Audrey Hayes, surviving Whole30 (because any excuse for cake is a valid one, right?).


With the Winter Olympics in full swing, we celebrated with a Monday team lunch, International edition. Every team member brought a food item from a different country, and we watched the games and played custom Olympics Quiplash around the green room table.


Valentine’s Day rolled around, and whether you’re a lover or a hater of this holiday, we hope you got a kick out of our V-day edition of Would-You-Rather on the Instagram story. If you missed it, the questions ranged from, would you rather: “say everything you’re thinking on a date” or “know everything their thinking on a date” to, would you rather: “burst into laughter when you see your crush” or “burst into tears when you see your crush.” If you took part in the poll, thanks for your votes!

If you want a little inside look into the preparation of the All Pro Dad Father & Kids Experience, you should know that each year dawns a new theme, and for each new theme, there is a giant block wall. During these events, fathers and their kids intentionally connect through the block wall station, writing specific encouragement on the individual blocks. At the end of the experience, when all the blocks are in place, the wall spells out the All Pro Dad theme, making for incredible photos and meaningful memories. But before this block wall can play its vital role in All Pro Dad memory-making, someone has to create the wall. That someone is Ricky Spaulding, Experience Leader, and the helping hands of many Elevate team members over many hours. This month, half of the office served as an art studio because all 231 blocks of the 2018 “Engage” block wall were completely sanded, painted, and put together for its debut in Miami!


To the front door

We completed our very first Intern Exchange of 2018 with new friends at Catalyst, exchanging two of our interns and welcoming three of theirs. Our ladies left deeply impacted by the genuine care and meaningful takeaways, and our team had a blast with their young leaders!


A friend of Elevate’s and endearing creative, Jack Lowe, Senior Culture Consultant at Chick-fil-A & co-author of the graphic novel “The Jekyll Island Chronicles: A Machine Age War,” graced our office for this month’s Keep it Fresh gathering. His insight from leading Chick-fil-A culture is monumental, but his story behind the pursuit of a comic book dream left us emboldened to chase our wildest ones. Our team can’t wait to dive into his graphic novel as we anxiously await the sequel this year, and we highly encourage you to add it to your book bucket list!


In addition, we welcomed even more friends to the office this month for our first Virtual Reality Workshop of the year! It’s always exciting to invite new and old pals and partners to learn more about VR in business, and we can’t wait for the next one.


We were also incredibly humbled to host the Cox family this month for a brainstorming session on their family mission statement. Jon Cox, Director of Engagement at 410 Bridge, his wife Jinnah, and their twins Quinn and Calvin came by for a tour and used our green room to dream about their year together. We were so honored that Jon and his family would activate ideas around our table and allow us to be apart of their story!


That’s a wrap!

As we take time to reflect on month two, our theme of “take ground” continues to be evident around the office and across the states, but we can’t wait for the best that’s still yet to come. Speaking of what’s to come, we hope you are a part of our next chapter. Spring is coming with all the celebrations that come with, and whether it’s a birthday or a holiday, we want to play a role in celebrating your home team. Maybe it looks like coming together for a Virtual Reality team building experience, gifting some Elevate gear, or purchasing a Kolbe A assessment and interpretation for a friend. Whatever you’re dreaming of in March, we dream of bringing it to life with you!

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