Five Slack Channels Every Team Needs

Apr 1, 2020


Raise your hand if Slack has become your new best friend at work!


Many of us are using Slack as our primary method of communication now that we work remotely. It serves as a way to keep in contact with our teams and is a great central hub for all work-related information. Our team has always used Slack, but now we use it more than ever! 


We have many Slack channels that we use for different purposes. Creating separate channels ensures organization. By categorizing your messages, your team can be much more productive in finding the information they are looking for. We got to thinking and decided that everyone should have at least five specific Slack channels. Here are five we believe you should have:


1. #OfficeAnnouncements

This channel is important when it comes to sharing information about details everyone in the office should be cognizant of. This is the channel to use for when the office will be closed, or when certain changes are being made. You may have posted in this channel when you decided your whole office needs to work remotely. Any important announcement for all team members can be directly slacked in this channel so it does not get lost in the mix. Our team also likes to use this channel as a reminder for when we have office visitors coming so we know to keep an eye out for new faces!


2. #FunAndCelebrations 

Our team loves to utilize this channel for some informal fun. We are all about celebrations, encouragement, and confetti moments. Your team will benefit from having a channel where you encourage one another, share funny quotes or jokes, or share exciting news! This is the channel to improve your relationships with your team members. Keep this channel lighthearted and fun. Recently, our Founder & President challenged us all to take a video of ourselves doing a funny at-home workout and post it in this channel for a chance to win a digital Starbucks gift card! Use your creativity for some team bonding from home!


3. #ActionForFullTeam

This is a channel that we recently added to our Slack. It is a game-changer! It has been extremely helpful when it comes to focusing on tasks that can easily fall further and further down your “to-do list.” In this channel, we put action steps that each team member needs to complete that day or that week. We decide these action steps in our morning Zoom meeting, and our Chief of Staff will slack us the details as a list. Each member will respond with a checkmark emoji when they have completed the task! It serves as a reminder for what still needs to be completed, and helps our team keep one another accountable. 


4. #DigitalMedia

In this slack channel, you can post all social media posts and digital media links. Our team likes to post the link to a social media post and prompt one another to go like, comment, and share the post. We are all working toward making our team successful, and that starts with communicating how we can help one another! 


5. #Questions

This is a great spot for your team to ask any technical questions, department-specific questions, or questions directed to everyone! Having some trouble using a certain database? Post a question here! Curious if a server is down for any other team members? This is the place to find your clarification and quick answers! You may have a question that someone else has an immediate answer to. As a team, you work together to keep each other productive and knowledgeable. This is a great place for people to feel comfortable sharing tips and tricks they have found as well. 


As a team working from home, it is extremely important to cut distractions and keep communication organized. The distance separating us from our colleagues can be a challenge. Direct messaging your team members is a great way to be efficient, and creating these Slack channels will only increase your team’s productivity, motivation, and accountability from home. We hope that you will use these Slack channels or any variety of them, and we would love to hear any fun or creative names you decide to title your channels. Also, let us know if you have any channels that you find to be game-changers for your team. We are all #InThisTogether!


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