Free Fallin’

Aug 29, 2019

With the Fall Season approaching, we looked inward and asked ourselves what “fall” really means to us at Elevate.

Some may think of this season as a symbol of change and growth. However, we dove into a more literal definition of the word fall: to descend freely. We believe a huge part of developing a healthy company culture is recognizing what makes our team members feel most free. 

As we transition into this new season, we want to honor this time of growth by highlighting the different things that make us feel most alive. 

Free to Dance

I’m sure this isn’t new information, but here at Elevate, we love a good dance party. There is a lot of power and freedom that can come from a good dance session to the perfect song. This might be driving and jamming with the windows down, doing a quick dance move celebration after finishing a big project, or an afternoon dance session with your team after working hard all week. Whatever it may be, never underestimate the freedom that can come from letting your guard down, kicking your shoes off, and busting a move. 

Some practical ways to activate this in your company culture are by playing music during a work session or celebrating one another after a big win! Whatever form it may take, be sure to take some time each week to celebrate the wins and break free. 


Free to Wonder

Moments of escape are always useful in bringing about a sense of freedom. Going for a walk, taking a drive, or getting lost in a book all have the power to allow your mind and body to wonder. These brain breaks can become very constructive to encourage better productivity and creativity. 

At Elevate, one way we love to create an experience of wonder for our clients and team members, is through Virtual Reality. Our VR sets can transport you to another dimension that you’ve never seen or experienced before. Walking the streets of Paris, laying by the beach, or playing a video game can do the trick in allowing you to feel most free and alive. 

If you want more information on how to escape through our VR services, check out our Instagram story highlights and email us to set up a session. 


Free to Breathe

Life can often be overwhelming in and outside the office. Taking time to re-group with yourself is important to feel free and restored. Whether it’s through meditation, doing something you love, or getting refocused, this time can be very well spent. As one of our core values of relationships, we believe it is important to honor our team and the way they recharge. One way we encourage this atmosphere in the office is through spending time each day “heads down.” During this time employees can enjoy uninterrupted work where they can truly focus and hustle hard. 

Another way this freedom can be encouraged in company culture is by giving team members the grace to take a brain break every once in a while. We are all human, and all need some time to ourselves to sit in our freedom and recharge.


As we enter into a new season and begin to reflect, we look to see how we can elevate our team culture to cater to one another and reach new limits of freedom. Making this a priority in any work environment can be very beneficial to show your team you care. So whatever it may be, take the time each week to do what you love and reach new levels of feeling free and alive!

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