How to Capture Content at Events

Nov 8, 2019

Throughout all of the planning, preparation, and setup of an event, a lot of people forget an important element of any experience: capturing quality content. Although the statement “a picture is worth a thousand words” is pretty cliché, it’s true. Photos and videos are a timeless way to relive fun memories and honor your team members after an event is over. In this blog, we want to share with you some valuable tips from our media coordinator on how to capture content at your next holiday party or awards banquet, as well as share some “do’s” and “don’ts” when it comes to taking pictures and videos.


Know the Venue 


If possible, walk around the venue at least an hour before so you can get a good feel for lighting. If your event is in multiple rooms or spaces, lighting can fluctuate between natural, dark, stage light, and more. This will allow you to move quicker when the event is in progress. It will also help you establish a path of movement. Empty venues vs. venues filled with guests are very different, so being familiar with the space you’re shooting in is very helpful. Being familiar with the layout of the venue will help you or whoever is shooting be more courteous of the guests. Getting a great shot is awesome, but if it costs the experience of the guest, it isn’t worth it.


Pockets, Pockets, Pockets


Having extra equipment with you in case something goes wrong is crucial for avoiding stress at holiday parties or awards banquets. Although it may seem like a small detail, having equipment, like extra batteries, stored on you can prevent you from having to leave the room and miss a perfect shot. 


Confidence is Key


It can be intimidating getting close to the stage, walking along the aisles to capture award winners or speakers, and going backstage, but having confidence in yourself to do those things will help you grow and will allow for some memorable, shareable moments later on!  The more confidence you have in your abilities, the broader your work to choose from will be.  


What Not to Do


Make sure you’re not constantly shooting at the same angle or only shooting one person! You’ll come back with hours of the same footage, which will limit your ability to use it in the future. You want to capture a variety of people, angles, and moments that will allow you to use the content for weeks after the event. 


Capturing photos and footage at your next holiday party or awards banquet is a great way to put legs on your event and create moments of engagement even after the night is over. You’ll be able to highlight your team members and celebrate them for weeks after, and use the photos and videos to show potential clients and employees that you value your team and want to create a healthy, positive culture. 


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