Workplace Culture Reimagined: 5 Tips for How to Have Fun on a Zoom Call

Mar 17, 2020

With most businesses working remotely and practicing social distancing, zoom is quickly becoming more of a staple in workplace culture. What used to be just a convenient method for a virtual call or check-in is now an absolutely necessary means of communication. 


We know that our lifestyles are shifted quite a bit for the time being, but how can we reimagine these new routines to incorporate a sense of normalcy? Now more than ever, with all the panic and concern surrounding COVID-19, we need a little FUN in our daily meetings.


While we social distance ourselves during this time, here are 10 creative ways to make zoom a little more fun:



1. Start off with a roll call


Our Founder and President, Billy Boughey, started off our morning zoom call with a simple roll call. He asked each of us to make whatever sound came to us when he called our name to express a little excitement as we got the day started. There were a lot of woo’s! and yeah, yeahs!, but surprisingly no yeehaws – maybe next time!



2. Make your background where you wish you could be right now


Did you know that zoom has a green screen feature? One of our team members showed up on the golf course at our morning meeting this morning. Where would you like to virtually travel?



3. Take a minute to smile & take a team photo


We all know the iconic photos of team zoom calls, but they may actually be more beneficial than just documenting a moment. Smiling can actually improve your mood and make you happier, according to Science Daily. We could all use a little happiness to brighten our days!



4. Have everyone send a GIF of how they’re feeling when the meeting starts.


As people trickle into the meeting, have them send a gif of how they’re feeling using the chat feature. This is a fun way to show personality through a digital meeting platform, and can also help check in to acknowledge how everyone is feeling.



5. Share your screen


Let’s be real, this feature never gets old. Share your screen and watch an inspirational or funny video together. Our team loves watching funny Youtube videos during lunch, so this screen sharing is a great way to watch a video together, as opposed to separately, as we all work from home in this season!


We have already been living in the digital age for quite some time now, but now that most of us are working from home, we have the opportunity to strengthen our communication skills within our organizations. There is no better time than the present to put all of our resources and creativity to good use in making the best out of our world’s current situation.


If you’re looking for more insight on how to effectively communicate with your team – we have a great resource for you! Our Elevate Your Culture Guide (& Digital E-Guide!) is a resource to help you improve your team dynamic by giving you practical ways to craft and maintain a healthy team culture. If you’re interested, follow us and send us a DM on Instagram @elevateexperiences for a FREE chapter on Communication!

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