How to Lead Interviews Like a Pro

Aug 27, 2019

Facilitating interviews is a true art form. Interviewees notice when extra care has been put into an interview. As a facilitator, it’s important to make sure you’re doing your part to craft an interview environment where your interviewee feels comfortable and in the space to present their best selves. This article presents the tiny details that put the cherry on top of creating a great interview experience. Here are 5 tips on how to conduct an effective interview: 


1. Make them feel comfortable

Welcome your interviewee into the office warmly by giving a short tour or introducing them to some of your team. Often, meeting a few current team members helps ease some of the tension that comes with interviewing and establish common ground. 


2. Help out the awkward moments

When facilitating an activity or quiet thinking moment during an interview, it can be helpful to fill the awkward moments with a bit of light music. This simple detail can really help you feel more calm as an interviewer, and also give your interviewee space to think without feeling the weight that comes with silence. 


3. Explain things well

Practice your explanations of activities or questions with a teammate before interviewing. This can help you make sure that you explain things well, and that no important information is left off. Preparation precedes success when it comes to interviewing.


4. Give a rundown of the interview at the beginning

Giving your interviewee a run-of-show at the beginning of the interview of what’s to come diffuses any anxiety of wondering what’s next throughout the duration of the interview. This will also help as you transition throughout different parts of your interview.


5. Make sure to ask if they have any questions

Last, but not least, make sure to ask your interviewee if they have any questions. Giving them a space to freely ask questions will help to clear any confusion throughout the interview. Clarifying questions are a staple in interviewing!


What helpful tips do you have when it comes to interviewing new team members? We’d love to hear any of your creative ideas in our comments.


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