How To Take Care of Your Event Equipment

Jun 29, 2020

Events will never truly be the same following the COVID-19 pandemic, so now is the time to pivot and change.


We’re all still figuring out what the new normal looks like, but in the meantime, we want to share our best practices for creating remarkable virtual events. Hosting a remarkable event starts with an investment. When you think of something as an investment, the way you care for it is different. Here are 3 ways to take care of your virtual equipment:



1. Protection


When you are deciding what equipment to purchase, think through proper care, and how to protect it, so it lasts a long time. Whether that be hard cases, travel bags, protectors, or cleaning supplies, make sure you get what you need specific to each product. 



2. Organization


In our office, we have Benjamin Franklin’s quote posted on the wall that says, “A place for everything, and everything in its place,” because we believe systems create freedom. When your equipment has a designated spot, it is more likely to be safe because it was thought through with intentionality. 



3. Process


After you’ve thought through protection and organization for your equipment, you must trust the process.


Trust that your equipment has a proper care process that you must know and follow: 

  • How do I properly turn things off?
  • What’s the correct way to wrap cords? 
  • Did I unplug everything?

It is our job to gain knowledge of the process in order to have a return on investment. 


When you keep in mind that your equipment is an investment, it becomes easier to protect it well, keep it organized, and know the process. By implementing these 3 procedures, your equipment will be cared for and your return on investment will be quicker than you know.

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