Ice Breaker Games: That’s Me!

May 22, 2019


How to lead That’s Me! at your next event

Want to get to know your crowd better and help make meaningful connections right from the start of your event or group gathering? Well, we’ve got the perfect ice breaker game for you to use to make that happen. In one of our newer YouTube videos, we’ll show you how to lead a game called ‘That’s Me!’

Why use That’s Me! at your next gathering

That’s Me! is one of our favorite activations and is super simple to lead. Intentional moments of engagement are crucial when gathering a group of people who may not yet be familiar with one another. We can all recall times when we have sensed others feeling timid, or instances in which we ourselves feel reserved in new environments.

This game will bring guaranteed connection and fun to your audience. That’s Me! is wonderfully unique because you can customize the content to the brand or kind of experience you are leading. We can’t wait for you to watch our ‘That’s Me!’ video, learn how to lead it, and play it at your next gathering, no matter the size of your group. We know it will take your event to the next level, getting your audience involved and engaged with one another.

Thanks for reading. Drop a comment and let us know how That’s Me! works for your next event.




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