3 Ways to Improve your Organizational Culture through Events

Jul 17, 2019

Organizations of all sizes are investing more time and money in their team members through engaging and thoughtful internal events. These events provide education, collaboration, and networking for team members.

Internal events are a great way to increase productivity and profitability for a company. At this point, you might be thinking to yourself, “How do I get those results? How do I set aside a day to build a team?”   

Over the years of planning and executing events for teams, we’ve learned a lot about how employees can get the most out of these days. Below are three ways to improve your organizational culture through events.


1. Allow for a team building activity


Gone are the days of trust falls (probably for the best), but that doesn’t mean team building activities are extinct. Every team is different. What kind of activities would your team enjoy and bond over? Some employees may enjoy fun games, others might like virtual reality experiences, and some teams might benefit from helpful assessments they can discuss.

When choosing an activity, try to pick something where everyone gets to actively participate. Bonus points if people get to show off their strengths while team building!

In the planning process, don’t be afraid to ask team members what they might enjoy. Involving them in the planning process can be easy; you don’t have to guess, you can simply ask them or let them vote on an activity.


2. Plan for training or learning sessions

Find someone the team would enjoy learning from. Is there a popular speaker in your industry available to speak to your team? If your budget doesn’t allow to hire someone from the outside, try asking people within the organization if they would share about a particular topic. Many people in your workplace would be honored to speak.


3. Celebrate!

You know how great you feel when others celebrate your hard work? You’re not the only one who feels that way. People love to be celebrated. Some might want a loud, public celebration, others may not, but everyone wants to be appreciated.

Give leaders the opportunity to show their team they are grateful for them. Challenge them to be specific when they share. Is an employee good at navigating a project with a difficult client? Are they exceptionally creative? Do they train new hires well? Put time on the schedule to show them their employer knows how they are helping the organization specifically.

People naturally want to be celebrated. If they see leaders highlighting something in someone else, they learn what is important to the organization and work hard to do those things too.


All of these ideas are crucial to developing and growing a team. It’s important to make sure teams are getting these experiences. Fortunately, everything above can fit into any type of event budget.

If you are the event organizer for the team, but not the team leader, it may be helpful to talk to the leaders prior to the event. Bring them into the planning conversation. They might have some great ideas or talking points you can incorporate into the schedule.

Any internal corporate event – no matter how small or large – can have all three of these elements. We wouldn’t suggest them if they weren’t beneficial for your team. Even a small activity during a one-time event can have a lasting impact on your organization.


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