How Innovation and Culture are Intertwined

May 22, 2019

Have you ever wondered how good organizational culture inspires and fosters innovation? Or how healthy team culture in itself is innovative?


The “Yes and…” mentality and how it impacts a company’s culture


We love ideas here at Elevate and we encourage each team member to bring a “yes and…” perspective to every brainstorming session.

You may know of “yes, and…” from improv. It’s a simple phrase used to take someone’s idea and build upon it as you push the scene forward. We love to hear “yes and…” during a brainstorming session because this phrase tells the other, “I hear what you’re saying and believe not only in the idea, but in you.”


How else would we be able to really innovate and evolve without listening to others and valuing their input?


Innovation can be difficult because it requires breaking the mold and taking a risk


And we all know, risk taking can be scary. We don’t want to go out on a limb with a new project only to watch it fail. Out of fear, we give ourselves barriers no one showed us in order to keep ourselves safe.

But here’s the thing: fear and safety don’t lead to innovation.

In a world changing faster than ever, innovation is key to moving forward. So, how can we move forward and spur on innovation? Through good culture.


How culture impacts innovation


At Elevate, we know our culture isn’t defined by the confetti cannons we set off or the dance parties we have, but instead, the way we value relationships. Because we value a team member, we surprise them with confetti on their birthday. Because we believe fun in the workplace leads to stronger relationships and better productivity, we have a dance party. Because we want the team to feel valued and because we value the team, we listen and care about the ideas people bring forward.


Innovation doesn’t have a one-size-fits-all equation, but it does start with creating a culture that’s open to ideas and prioritizes a growth mindset.


We encourage you to integrate brainstorming and ideation into your workplace, but most of all, we encourage you to value your team’s ideas when they bring them to the table. Show your people they’re an essential member of building your organization. This not only will improve the health of your organization, but will create a more innovative, forward-thinking environment that leads to business success.

Drop a comment below and share how your organization integrates innovation into the company culture!

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