June’s Experience Tracker is Live!

Jul 23, 2018

*Click the red pins above!

The Experience Tracker

From Ohio to South Carolina, each month our team leads experiences all over the U.S., whether it’s hosting a conference across the country or a Professional Development Workshop here at our office. Experience Leaders, Project Leaders, Certified Wiring Consultants, and Event Assistants are just a few of our team members that travel nationwide to execute unique, world-class events with a variety of rock star clients.

We exist to help people and organizations live and lead at a higher level

We do this through events, leadership, consulting, and innovation, with an aim of creating remarkable experiences and positively impacting guests. Our experiences range anywhere from award ceremonies to virtual reality workshops, leadership assessments, and team building events. Over time, we found that our family, friends, clients, and partners were curious where our team traveled each month. Last year, we launched a tracker to help show the activations we led and the cities we visited, and it’s back in 2018 to stay.


What is it?

Each month, you’ll find an Experience Tracker right here on the blog. It’s a fun, interactive way to see:

  •      where our team travels each month
  •      the incredible clients we’re partnering alongside
  •      the impactful experiences happening nationwide

How it works

The red pins on the map above represent the cities we’ve traveled this June. Click the pins to learn more about our team and the activations they’re leading.

Experience Spotlight: FCA Power Camps

For two weeks, our team had the pleasure of helping host the FCA Power Camps in downtown Atlanta at Morehouse College alongside Chick-fil-A Foundation and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. This year’s theme was “strong,” and it has been the highlight of our summer working with these two incredible organizations to help inspire, lead, and build relationships with the youth in this community.

Tracking the Celebrations

Our Director of Growth, Sean Specie, celebrated his two-year anniversary with Elevate!


*Be sure to interact with the map above to get a deeper look at last month’s activations.

That’s a wrap!

As we take time to pause and look back on June, we continue to take ground around the office and across the U.S., as well as look forward to what 2018 still has in store. Speaking of what’s to come, we hope you are a part of our next chapter! Whether it’s an event, team building experience, or a leadership workshop we want to play a role in celebrating and adding value to your people. Maybe it looks like coming together for a Virtual Reality activation, gifting some Elevate gear, or purchasing a Kolbe A assessment and interpretation for a friend. Whatever you’re dreaming of this summer, we dream of bringing it to life with you!

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