The Higher Level Podcast Episode 10: The Pursuit of Happiness with Laura Balfour

Dec 15, 2018


We sat down with Laura Balfour, owner of Fleecher Designs, to chat about creativity, entrepreneurship, parenting, and so much more! In this episode, she gave us a ton of great content that will add value to both your personal and professional life. Trust us, you don’t want to miss it.

Inside the episode

As a new mother, Laura is learning to face things as they come her way. She says that parenting “forces you to deal with the moment… I have to sit in the moment and handle the situation in front of me.” Whether you are parenting or leading a business, learning to be bold and face the situations that come your way rather than avoiding them is a key leadership skill.

Laura boldly started Fleecher Designs about four years ago, when she felt like a “minion” in her previous job, only completing tasks that were asked of her and never feeling a sense of passion or purpose. At the time, she said it just felt like the next right step, but looking back, it took a ton of courage!

If you’re feeling stuck in your current job, always thinking about doing that thing you say you’ll do someday, take Laura’s advice: “Do that thing! At least try it. You might fail and the worst thing that’ll happen is you get another job.” Don’t be afraid to step out, be bold, and reach for those things you’re passionate about this year.

Be sure to listen to this episode to hear more from Laura and our team about how to be courageous in your life and in your work!

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