Let’s debunk culture myth #1

May 11, 2018

Hey friends, we’re starting a new blog series to help you create a healthy team culture. As we share these tried and true principles, we’ll be debunking a few myths. Let’s start with Culture Myth #1:


Myth #1: Fun is the only factor that contributes to culture.


We’ll be the first to admit, fun is a good, needed aspect of any healthy culture. We 100% value this in our own organization and believe this helps create a positive, enjoyable work environment. While we fully endorse fun in the workplace, we also want to warn against setting this as the foundation of your culture. You see, if fun is the only factor that comes to mind when thinking of a healthy team dynamic, it can actually end up doing more harm than good.


How to create a healthy balance


Fun can be a tricky topic in the workplace and we want to help you understand how to do this well. Whether you’re experiencing a lack of fun in the workplace, or you’re on the verge of letting this factor rule your team dynamic, take a look at the four tips below:


Understand the full meaning of “fun”
To start things off, we need to understand what fun really means. Many teams think of it as bursts of energy, games, or celebrations sprinkled into the mix. While those experiences do add fun to a culture, it doesn’t stop there. Fun is also:
  • having authentic conversations
  • setting and receiving clear expectations
  • learning about your team members’ stories
  • developing as a leader
  • uniting around a central vision
Isn’t it fun when a coworker asks about your family and actually knows the names of your spouse and kids? Isn’t work much more enjoyable when you clearly know what’s expected of you and you can track your progress accordingly? How about when your organization invests in developing you as a leader?


Fun isn’t just the dance parties, team lunches, and outings. It’s also the book discussions, evaluations, conversations, and vision casting that makes a team member feel fully present in the workplace–and isn’t that always more fun?


Create an environment where fun is welcomed
While some teams struggle with letting fun become the central point of focus, others fall at the other end of the spectrum, not allowing for any excitement in the workplace. Removing fun from any environment is, to put it bluntly, life sucking. And it’s the fastest way to lose great people. When work is fun and people feel the freedom to be relational, energetic, and creative, they tend to produce the best work. Not only will this make your people happier and your environment more engaging, but it will add to your company’s success as well.


Think about the times where you’ve laughed, smiled, and truly enjoyed a day at the office. How much more energy did you have to offer to your projects? How much more intentional were you with your team members? When laughter is encouraged and fun is welcomed, people many times bring a new level of productivity and creativity to the table.


When you have a healthy, enjoyable culture, you’ll have people who are willing and excited to go above and beyond to push forward the overall vision.


Lead well
From interns to executives, every individual has an impact on the culture of any team or organization, and every person has the ability to help create and cultivate a healthy team dynamic. If you’re hoping to be a part of a team that knows how to create a healthy balance of fun in the workplace, take initiative to set this tone. If a solid example is given, others will follow. Why not be the one to set the tone and lead the way?


Elevate Your Culture
If you’re looking for practical ways to implement this idea into your culture, start with our Elevate Your Culture resources. We have a variety of tools meant to walk you through this very topic (and many more) to help create your ideal team dynamic. From training courses to practical team activities, these resources will help you take your culture to a new, healthy level.


Thanks again for following along in our series. Let us know how we can help you design and maintain the authentic culture your team wants and needs.

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