Meet Jordan Sasser!

Feb 28, 2018

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Who Behind the Brand

Hi friends! Thanks for joining us in our series, Who Behind the Brand. In this series, we hope to tell the stories of our team members off the mic. Often times, you can find Elevate team members standing behind a microphone, on a stage, or in front of a large crowd of people. We hope this series will give you some behind-the-scenes insights into our team members’ passions, interests, and stories.

Why follow this series?

At Elevate, we value both relationships and bravery. Sometimes that looks like being transparent so our audience (that’s you!) can clearly see and know the culture, team, and stories that impact our brand and clients. We hope that through this series, you’ll get to know the team behind Elevate’s brand and maybe even find inspiration in the stories you read.

Meet Jordan Sasser!

You may recognize this team member from season 15 of American Idol. Jordan, an Elevate Experience Leader, is one of our newest team members. Jordan thrives as a talented and incomparable host. He spends time leading events not only in the Atlanta area but also all over the country. Jordan is full of contagious energy and professional joy that has been an unbelievable asset to our team.

When you meet Jordan, Elevate’s core values absolutely radiate through his personality and servanthood:


We define bravery as taking steps to honor people and create moments of wonder.  Jordan is one of the most encouraging, brave souls we know. From auditioning for (and making it onto) American Idol, to the way he honors our team members, clients, and communities, Jordan exemplifies this value well.


We define remark-ability as leveraging platforms to cause moments that lead to great conversation. Jordan often leads people to remark about his work, family, and accomplishments–all while keeping an insanely humble attitude and posture. His role at Elevate is just one of the many platforms he uses to create remarkable work and lead to great conversation.


We define initiative as striving to be one step ahead in the planning and innovative process. Whether working alongside our Operations Department in order to fully prepare for an event or being willing to serve at the drop of a hat, Jordan strives to show initiative and move our business and team forward on a regular basis.


We define relationships as adding value to others. Words can’t describe just how relational of a person Jordan proves to be. From an intentional conversation with strangers to surprising our entire team with donuts, Jordan constantly invests in the people around him. He holds nothing back when it comes to building relationships and adding value to others.


We define enthusiasm as approaching our work with professional joy and authentic connection. In short, Jordan won our 2017 Enthusiasm award after only joining the team a few weeks prior. His authentic joy radiates through the office, on stages, and at events, and is one of the first things people tend to remark about his personality.

If you haven’t had the privilege of meeting Jordan, let us be the first to say, there’s never a dull moment when he’s around. In fact, take a look at a few fun facts to get to know him (and better yet, come by for an office tour to meet him and the rest of our team in person!):

Jordan can be found turtle hunting in Raleigh, NC when he goes home to visit family.

Just to be clear, no turtles have ever been harmed. He claims to have ample time when he’s relaxing at home, and thoroughly enjoys filling this time by seeing how many turtles he can catch in a net, and then release them back into the pond. These turtles are usually “painted turtles” which he claims to be one of the coolest animals ever created. Jordan proudly states, “I am almost 30 and legit still go turtle hunting whenever I can.”

Saturday mornings = donuts

If you know Jordan, you know that he firmly believes donuts to be the most invaluable breakfast item. On any given Saturday morning you can find Jordan, his beautiful wife Alex, and their precious babies at Dutch Monkey Donuts or Revolution Donuts.

The whole reason I’m here isn’t to sing. It’s to encourage others.”

One of Jordan’s most notable talents is his incredible ability to bring joy to others with his voice. His favorite way to perform is always alongside his wife Alex, who also has an amazing voice. (Talk about a power couple!)

Jordan + American Idol

When asked for one word to describe his experience on American Idol, Jordan replied, “affirming”. He and his wife were moving back to America after living in Costa Rica and had heard that this was going to be the last season of the show. They knew they had to audition now, or they would never have the chance.

While on the show, Jordan had the opportunity to work with vocal coach Dorian Holley who is previously known for training Michael Jackson. Jordan ended up finishing in 24th place on the show and left feeling nothing but gratefulness.

“I had to choose to be completely fine with what I did. I don’t need to look back and fall into the ‘I should’ve’s’”.

Jordan + Family

The Sasser family has just grown from a family of three to a beautiful family of four! February 26th was a very special day as Jordan and Alex welcomed their very first baby boy to the Sasser squad. Jordan feels overwhelmingly blessed by not only his two beautiful babies but also with the sweet reality that he gets to raise them alongside his wife Alex. He admits that marriage comes with challenges, but that he is eternally grateful that he and his wife have always been on the same page as it pertains to parenting and how they want to develop little people into adults. “If our kids are half as wonderful & servant-hearted as Alex, we will have the best kids on planet earth!”

Thoughts from the team

The energy and genuineness that Jordan brings to the Elevate team is nothing short of remarkable. He has absolutely taken celebrating others and professional joy to the next level. The Elevate Team is beyond thankful for the uniqueness and positivity that Jordan radiates and instills in every relationship he has built within our team.

The Key Takeaway’s from Jordan’s story:

  • Your talents and passions should always be used as an encouragement to others.
  • Genuine joy is contagious.
  • Family is valued above all else.

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