Episode 20: Caring for Your People

Sep 9, 2019


“How are you caring for your people?” In this episode of The Higher Level Podcast, Sean talks about how important it is to utilize the concept of “me, we, all.” Not only are you thinking about your contribution as an individual, you’re using conversations as resources to help your team thrive. Make sure to give this episode a listen and if you liked it, comment below!


In today’s episode of The Higher Level Podcast, you’ll hear from Sean about a grid of three very important things for any organization: me, we, all. Each of these elements raises questions that everyone should be asking, including “how do we care for our people?” and “how am I doing as an individual?” Even if you’re not upper level leadership, you can use this grid to create healthy culture and encourage thoughtful communication among team members.


Listen to this week’s episode to hear Sean’s challenge for you and how you can apply it to your workplace culture, as well as your communication strategies.


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