Oh, Snap!

Feb 23, 2017

We recently announced Elevate Gear, a new way to share stories and inspire conversations around meaningful topics. As we approach the final launch date, our team is prepping everything from inventory to website updates to marketing shots.

If you were to stop by our office last week, you would have walked into bright lights, white backgrounds, and a room full of confetti. This was our first-ever photo shoot, and it felt like a scene from America’s Next Top Model. We worked with incredibly talented photographers and came out of the process with fun bloopers, high-quality photos, and a few lessons learned.

3 Things Learned from Our 10 Minutes of Fame

Listen and Respect Your Clients’ Needs

Our photographers prepped for the photo shoot ahead of time, familiarizing themselves with Elevate’s company culture and office setup. We had quite a few, specific shots in mind, and they prioritized our needs throughout the day.

Because they took the time to learn about Elevate Gear and our vision for this new line of products, they had the ability to suggest relevant, creative shots from a professional’s perspective. We came out of the photo shoot with a great mix of our original ideas, as well as unique photos inspired by new friends.

Empower and Instill Confidence

As we’ve shared, this was our first photo shoot and our team members didn’t exactly come from a runway background. However, the photographers affirmed us, making us feel like the stars of Fashion Week.

Photo shoots can be awkward, especially if you’re a novice in front of the camera, and the day wouldn’t have been half as fun if we lacked confidence. Words are powerful and having an encourager behind the camera made all the difference.

People are looking for someone to make them feel confident in their decisions, and you have the unique opportunity to empower and encourage your clients.

Be Their Jiminy Cricket

Rather than passively participating in the photo shoot, our photographers actively led the day. They brought a level of expertise that shined when directing shots, setting lights, and giving advice. Because of their experience with photography and their leadership on the set, our team found it easy to trust their judgment and insight.

As you work with clients, remember why they’ve invited you in for a partnership. They’re looking for an expert in the field to lead them in the right direction. We say to be their Jiminy Cricket because they need guidance from a place of wisdom, experience, and expertise.

So how do you add value to your clients? Listen well, instill confidence, and provide clear direction.

Do you have something to add? Drop your suggestions for how to add value to clients in the comments below!

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