One of the coolest ideas we’ve ever seen…

Mar 15, 2018

If you’re not familiar with Jeremy Cowart, he’s one of the most phenomenal photographers we know and we’d also venture to say he’s one of the most purpose-driven individuals in today’s world. He’s an artist and humanitarian from Nashville with a mission to explore the intersection of creativity and empathy.

Jeremy is currently constructing a beautiful project…

… and photos are only a small piece of the puzzle. Though it’s many times easy to see and focus on the injustices around the world, Jeremy not only sees the issues but also recognizes a solution. He’s mixing his innovative thinking with his philanthropic perspective to impact the world.
Jeremy is currently working on an innovative approach to bettering lives around the globe: The Purpose Hotel, a hotel chain “bringing together some of the most meaningful ideas on earth.”

The Purpose Hotel

This hotel is the first of its kind and aims to be “unlike anything the world has ever seen.” Jeremy believes The Purpose Hotel is an opportunity for people to join together to create change.
Each element of the hotel will be intentionally designed to benefit a variety of causes. A few examples include:
  • Each room will sponsor a child’s education
  • The lobby will include a functioning charity water well
  • When guests pay for faster wifi, the money will be used to fight human trafficking
  • The hallways will be lined with the most iconic humanitarian art and photography to highlight the impactful projects happening all over the globe

Once a guest checks out of the hotel, their receipt not only will show where their money was spent but also the impact made on the world. Jeremy believes this is where technology meets compassion.

Why we’re inspired by this idea

Jeremy hopes to help create a shift for hotels to become “a place for change and community” because “humanity desperately needs it.”
Our team is raving about The Purpose Hotel for a few reasons:
  • We exist to help people and organizations live and lead at a higher level, and we fully see this vision being carried out through Jeremy’s work and The Purpose Hotel.
  • We love when people use talent and skill to bring meaningful passions to life. Huge thanks to Jeremy for using his platform to positively impact the world!
  • We’re honored when change-makers and influencers invite others into the vision. In addition to inviting co-founders to come alongside and help kickstart this project, The Purpose Hotel (once built) will depend on guests to book a room and interact with the unique elements.

“What unites us is far more important than the boundaries we’re born into.” – Jeremy Cowart.

What Jeremy teaches us about innovation, ideas, and life:

  • Dreams can be brought to life in the most creative, unthinkable ways–but it takes courage to create the first of its kind.
  • Innovation can be used for good. What are you passionate about? How can you use innovation to bring your dream to life?
  • Our many passions can collide to create something phenomenal. As we see, Jeremy is mixing his love for art and passion for humanity to create a life-giving project. How can you combine your passions to create something remarkable?
Thanks for following along in our current series! We’re featuring change-makers who leverage innovation, creativity, and talent to inspire people toward action. We’d love to hear what innovative, creative, or life-giving project you’re working on these days. Drop a comment below to share!
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