Mar 19, 2018

What are Value Vlogs?

To keep pressing into the new year, our team is so excited to continue challenging you as we focus on some of, what we think, are quality values. Here at the office, we have a deck of what are called our Elevate value cards, that define and emphasize values we hold near to our heart and strive to implement daily. As we’ve been dreaming of new ways to add value to you in 2018, instead of just handing over a resource, we want to talk through some of these values with you all year, every month, through our Value Vlogs!

We are ecstatic to dive into and implement alongside of you, 12 values that might be core to our culture posted on the wall, or ones we simply want to remember and refocus on as we take ground in 2018. From balance to bravery, service to simplicity, you will hear a range of words that we dream of embracing with you.


Watch the intro video here, if you missed January’s Value Vlog on bravery, check it out, or last month’s Commitment Vlog, find it here, and make sure to subscribe to stay up to date on the values to come!



intense emotional excitement, boundless enthusiasm


What are your passions?

Maybe that’s an intimidating question for you because you’ve never really been sure. The question is really just asking what makes you curious? What keeps you up at night? What’s the thing you can’t not do? What’s the hobby that’s really more than a hobby? What makes you cry big tears? What gives you life and fires you up? Maybe you want to write novels, foster children, create experiences, plan weddings, start a food truck, plant a church, design clothes, or create a non-profit. Whatever the dream, the question is, why haven’t you done it yet?


What’s stopping you?

You are human, therefore you have things within you that are dying to be released – things that could propel you into your best life or even make an impact on the world. We all have those dreams that we have yet to pursue, so let’s talk about what tends to keep us from living out our passions.


  1. What the heck is my passion?
    This is the first step. Ask yourself any or all of the above questions, and write down your answers. It might sound strenuous, but chances are, if you don’t already know, you will pretty quickly. Because your passions – those powerful emotions that inform you what makes life worth living – they are already within you. We might evolve or improve our passions, but we don’t ever invent them – we discover them.
  2. What if someone else already does it?
    And worse, what if someone else does it better? Truthfully, someone else might already be doing it, and chances are, someone out there has or will do it better. But do it anyway. If it makes you come alive, it’s worth doing. When you were little, did you do gymnastics or play catch for likes or views? No, you just did it because you loved to do it.
  3. How do I know if it’s possible?
    Great question, and here’s the answer: It is possible. How do we know? If it fires you up, there’s a reason for it and a need for it. Maybe it’s for millions of people, maybe it’s for one – even if that one is you. Whatever you pursue, you should know that at some point, you will fail. It’s just part of the process, but it’s a crucial part, so rather than giving up, press in. Every success story has a failure and every name that made it big was not always big. Same goes for the hate – like Taylor Swift says, “haters gonna hate.” Like failure, it’s inevitable, but also like failure, it will make you better. Mistakes and hate can crush you OR mistakes and hate can propel you. It’s always going to be there, so why not use it for your benefit? That means you’re the one in control and you decide. That also means that if you haven’t done the dream yet, you’re the only one holding you back.


“Could it be possible that the thing you most long for, the thing you notice and think about and wish you could do, is the thing you were actually made and are being equipped to do?” – Emily Freeman

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